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Matthew Townsend


Matthew Townsend, Nov 8, 2018
    • Terry D
      The 71st Field Regiment, with which your father served for several months in North Africa, was a TA unit from Sheffield. In 1942-45 it was part of the 46th (North Midlands) Infantry Division. The unit made its combat debut with the 46th Division in the famous battle of Kasserine Pass and fought with the 46th through the rest of the Tunisian and Italian campaigns. The war diaries will be at the PRO in Kew. Our sister site, ww2talk, has a number of skilled researchers who will be able to help you obtain images of the diaries. In the meantime, here is a link to a site about the 71st Field Regiment: Sheffield at War
    • Matthew Townsend
      Thank you so very much for that! I was so confused as to why i couldnt find any information about his reg/unit. I will take your advice and get on ww2talk. Thanks again, im very proud of him.
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