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Otto vs Peppy

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  1. RonUSMC
    First I have seen of "Lead Damn It". So many didn't!!
  2. Matthew Townsend
    Thank you so very much for that! I was so confused as to why i couldnt find any information about his reg/unit. I will take your advice and get on ww2talk. Thanks again, im very proud of him.
  3. Terry D
    The 71st Field Regiment, with which your father served for several months in North Africa, was a TA unit from Sheffield. In 1942-45 it was part of the 46th (North Midlands) Infantry Division. The...
  4. LRusso216
    [IMG] American Campaign Ribbon I think this is it, though yours is discolored. The two stars indicate that he participated in two named campaigns, but I have no idea what those campaigns were.
  5. TerryP
    Do you happen to know what this ribbion means? I have the same one. (Without the service stars, for it is on a differnt piece of the ribbion for me, you can see what I mean on my post.) If you do,...

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