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20,000 Mosquito Technical Drawings Saved From Old Factory

Discussion in 'WWII Today' started by The_Historian, Aug 7, 2017.

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    Oct 26, 2003
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    What an amazing find! Glad someone had their wits about them.

    "A TEAM of enthusiasts will rebuild and launch a de Havilland Mosquito after a hoard of secret World War Two technical drawings were unearthed in a wartime factory.
    The discovery of more than 20,000 drawings and diagrams were found just days before the building was due to be demolished.
    The archive is believed to be the world’s only complete set of engineering drawings of the plane, as well as details of numerous variants of the famous plane’s design that never made it past the drawing board.
    The uncovered drawings, stored on microfilm cards, have been donated to the charity The People’s Mosquito, which is hoping to restore and fly a crashed version of the twin-engined plane dubbed ‘The Wooden Wonder’.
    Chairman John Lilley said the drawings had been found earlier this year by an engineer just before the former de Havilland building in Broughton, near Chester, was to be demolished.
    He said: “He understood the tremendous historic value in these engineering drawings and how useful they could be. The building itself was soon to be demolished and the contents discarded."
    WW2 de Havilland Mosquito bomber to fly again after lost drawings unearthed

    “It’s incredible to think that they might have been lost forever.”
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    An incredible find. I hope they are successful in their efforts.

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