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431st Signal Heavy Construction Battalion

Discussion in 'North Africa: Western Desert Campaigns 1940 to Ope' started by sgtmac, Jul 31, 2016.

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    Jul 23, 2016
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    Have a buddy who wrote a paper on his wife's father, who was in the 431st Signal Heavy Construction, from his diary entries. I've read the paper, and m researching some areas, where information was missing or incomplete.

    The soldier did his training at Fort Sheridan, Ill. He left for England from N.Y. Was able to locate a soldier, who said this unit left N.Y. on Sept. 5, 1942 aboard the Queen Mary.

    My first question, is where did she land? (Southhampton)? and where were the soldiers camped or trained in England before being sent to Algeria. Was able to learn that the initial invasion force slow boated it across to the Med, and that support units (Probably his), slow boated behind the initial force. We know he landed in Oran, Algeria.

    Also looking for a small village called St. Barbee, which we have been unable to locate. Seems it may have been anywhere from the main coast rd at Oran or inland towards, La Seinna airbase.

    Any info/links or help appreciated.

    Sgt. Mac ;)

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