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airsoft skirmish

Discussion in 'World War 2 Hobbies' started by aquist, Jun 27, 2007.

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    Aug 22, 2003
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    things get pretty slow in our Arkansas summer, so we have impromptu air-soft battles. this one last Saturday was up on the Bear Mountain shooting range. the Rifle range is fairly deserted at this time of the year.So we figured we could run around in uniform and fire some pellets. I got there a little late about ten minutes after the set time 1700 hours , the other four truppen were in the formation called ""mill around,,,,Mill"" or a ""Clusterf---"" my main concern was my lack of eye protection ,but there were several extra pair lying on the bed of the Pick em up truck. they also loaned me a fully loaded AEG. Nice, otherwise it would have been just my spring piston pistol against 4 aegs the plan was to have us allies one Russian and one GI fight a rear guard delaying action on the autobahn (dirt path) and have the Germans, all three of them attacking. Austin was bored, but I wasnt. I soon heard the ting ting on my red star steel helmet. well, I was dead. We did this three more times,held an election in which Will got a battlefield commision, then Herr Leutnant treated me to a cheeseburger at the nearby Ouachita cafe, we discussed future battles and decided to incorporate fahradden in our impression. Allen, chaplain of the 12th Inf

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