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Albert "Bert" Barritt

Discussion in 'WWII Obituaries' started by GRW, Nov 5, 2019.

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    "One of Britain's youngest D-Day heroes, who was wounded during the Normandy break-out and volunteered in Africa after the war, has died just a week before Remembrance Sunday.
    Albert 'Bert' Barritt was just 18 when he took part in the operation to free Europe from the Nazis. The average age of a British Tommy taking part in the liberation was 22.
    Bert, from York, passed away at 94 as Britain prepares to honour veterans across the country.
    The infantryman was called up and was sent to Scotland to train for the invasion with The Second Battalion, East Yorkshire Regiment.
    The teenager was among the first wave of reinforcements who waded ashore on Sword Beach at 10.30am past the bodies of their fallen comrades.
    His death comes 75 years since hundreds of thousands of allies landed on the beaches in France to fight back against the Nazis in World War II.
    Sword Beach was the code name given to one of the five main landing areas along the Normandy coast during Operation Overlord.
    Although there was very little cover, initial landings were achieved with low casualties.
    But Bert was wounded during the advance from the beach, which was slowed by fierce Nazi resistance in heavily defended areas behind the beachhead.
    He said in 2014: 'Three weeks beforehand they took 50 men and said we were immediate reinforcements, so I came in at half past ten instead of half past seven, and I walked off the beach.
    'They had cleared the resistance in three hours. There was no fire at all - there was plenty of noise because all the ships were firing but nothing coming after us.
    'Three weeks later I was wounded in my hand with shrapnel and was out for four months.'"

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