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Alternative History Forum Guidelines

Discussion in 'Alternate History' started by Slipdigit, Jan 11, 2010.

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    May 21, 2007
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    The Alternative History Forum is designed for discussion of alternate history scenarios based on actual events. Because of the nature of the Alternative History… section, it has additional rules and guidelines that govern its use in compliance with the general WW2F.com Forum Rules.

    Search the Alternative History section before posting to make sure your topic has not been discussed before. If it has, feel free to contribute to the existing thread. If not, create a new thread following these rules:

    • Make sure your question is clear and well thought out.
    • Provide background information on your question.Provide your thoughts/theory on the subject.
    • DO NOT post only the question.
    • DO NOT post only 1-line of information.
    • Use descriptive thread titles. Starting a thread with a title that is simply "What if" or "German Panzers" is useless. Be as detailed in your title as possible, as this will help others in identifying previous discussions and improves the search function. As examples, this is not a good thread title, while this one is quite good.
    • All threads in the Alternative History section must be relevant to World War II, pertaining to its causes and effects. A time-period limitation would be 1900 – 1950. Anything involving events outside of this time line will be considered Off Topic and will not be approved.
    • All newly created Alternative History threads will be submitted to the moderators for approval before becoming visible to the general forum membership.
      • This will be an automatic procedure. The thread will be created as any other thread, but then it will be put in a queue, invisible to the general forum, to be assessed by a moderator and either approved or disapproved.
      • If approved, it then becomes visible to the general forum members.
      • Once a new thread is approved, follow-on posts may be submitted as any other post and will not need a moderator's approval.
    • Create your new Alternative History thread in the main Alternative History forum, the same one that where these guidelines are found. If approved for discussion, a moderator will move it to the appropriate sub-forum.
    • All posts created prior to 1 Jan 2008 are closed to discussion.
      • If you would like to add discussion to a closed thread, please contact a moderator and concisely state the reasons you would like it reopened. Not all requests will be honored.
      • Each January, posts older than two years old will be closed, unless they are actively being discussed.
    • Threads should not degenerate into arguments. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions. The Forum-wide rules still apply to the Alternative History section and will be strictly enforced.
    • Failure to comply with any of these section-specific rules will result in deletions of threads, infractions, and in some cases, termination without explanation.

    If you submit a new Alternate History thread and it consists of only one sentence, it will not be approved for discussion.
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