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Battle of Britain

Discussion in 'Battle of Britain' started by Jim, Nov 5, 2007.

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    July 11th : attack on a convoy intercepted by Hurricanes. Sptifires intercepted Bf 109's. Hurricanes attacked 12 Heinkel 111's over Isle of Wight. Portsmouth and north-west bombed.

    July 12th : Convoys attacked off southern England. Bristol and South Wales bombed.

    July 13th : Two convoys attacked off Harwich. Two raids on Dover driven off by RAF fighters.

    July 14th : Cconvoy near Dover was damaged. Bombers over south, west and east England.

    July 15th : Westland Aircraft factory at Yeovil bombed.

    July 16th : Convoys attacked off south-east coast of England and north-east coast of Scotland. Westland attacked again.

    July 17th : Attacks on shipping off east coast. Mines were dropped off the Welsh coast and in the Thames.

    July 18th : Goodwin Lightship sunk. Coastguard station at St. Margaret's Bay bombed. Minor attacks on convoys. Bf 109's intercepted 15 Spitfires.

    July 19th : 9 Defiants of N°141 Squadron attacked. 6 Defiants were shot down. Bomber raid on Dover intercepted by Spitfires and Hurricanes. Raids on Harwich, Plymouth and Thames Estuary.

    July 20th : Ju 87's escorted by Bf 109's intercepted by Spitfires. Ginger Lacey, highest scoring RAF ace of the Battle, makes his first Battle of Britain kill. East coast mined.

    July 21st : Convoys in Channel attacked.

    July 22nd : Attacks on Channel shipping. East coast from Kent to north-east Scotland mined.

    July 23rd : East coast shipping attacked.

    July 24th : Convoy in Thames Estuary and near Dover attacked.

    July 25th : Five ships sunk and five damaged. Five Spitfires and a squadron of Hurricanes intercepted the raid. Four German fighters shot down. Mines laid in Thames and Firth of Forth.

    July 26th : Shipping off Isle of Wight attacked. Mines laid in the Severn and Thames.

    July 27th : Dover harbour attacked twice. Belfast, Wick and Plymouth bombed. South-west England attacked.

    July 28th : An attack on Dover driven off by two Hurricane and two Spitfire squadrons. South coast ports bombed. Attacks on Wales, Scotland, Midlands and north of England.

    July 29th : An attack on a convoy by 30 Ju 87's and 50 Bf 109's was driven off. A Harwich attack was intercepted. Night: Light raids.

    July 30th : Convoys off Suffolk and Essex attacked. Midlands and South Wales bombed.

    July 31st : Dover balloon barrage and south coast convoys attacked. Thames Estuary and South Wales bombed.

    August 1st : Norwich bombed. Two raids were intercepted off south coast. Mines laid off north-east coast of Scotland.

    August 2nd : Channel and east coast convoys attacked. Forth Bridge attacked. Airfields from Catterick in Yorkshire to Romford in Essex bombed.

    August 3rd : Bradford, South Wales, Crewe, Liverpool, Firth of Forth and Orkneys bombed.

    August 4th : Reconnaissance of Bristol Channel and south coast by the Germans. Night: No raids

    August 5th : East coast mined.


    August 6th : Reconnaissance of the Channel by Germans. East and south-east coasts mined.

    August 7th : Convoy attacked off east coast. Areas of Scotland and England bombed.

    August 8th : Ju 87's and Bf 109's intercepted by six squadrons of Hurricanes and Spitfires. Another raid of 60 Ju 87's met by four RAF squadrons. Third attack by 80 Ju 87's and Bf 109's Seven RAF squadrons intercepted.

    August 9th : Shipyards at Sunderland bombed. East coast convoys attacked.

    August 10th : Norwich bombed.

    August 11th : No. 74 Squadron intercepted raid on Dover barrage balloon by Bf 110's and Bf 109's. Portland naval base attacked. Raids on Merseyside. Mines laid in Bristol Channel.

    August 12th : Radar stations attacked. Airfields at Manston, Hawkinge, Lympne attacked. Portsmouth, Dover and Hastings bombed. Minelaying.

    August 13th : 23 Bf 110's tried to decoy RAF fighters away from a Ju 87 raid. Five Bf 110's shot down. Oldham, Farnborough and Detling airfields attacked. Southampton docks damaged. Midlands, West Country and Scotland bombed.

    August 14th : Airfields, radar stations, aircraft factories attacked. Dover and Folkestone balloon barrages attacked. Hawkinge, Sealand, and Lympne airfields attacked. Railway lines bombed at Southampton.

    August 15th : Bristol, Birmingham, Southampton, Boston, Harwich, Swansea Crewe and Beverley bombed. The Luftwaffe's 'Black Thursday'. 60 Ju 87's and 40 Bf 109's attacked Lympne, Hawkinge and Manston. 63 He 111's and 21 Bf 110's of Luftflotte V tried to attack airfields in north of England. Intercepted by 72, 14, 65, 79 and 607 squadrons. 8 He 111's and 7 Bf 110's were downed. Second raid was met by 616 squadron and a flight of 73 squadron and six bombers were destroyed. Luftflotte V never attacked in daylight again. RAF flew total of 974 sorties. RAF losses were 30. German losses were 75.

    August 16th : West Malling, Tangmere, Westhampnet, and Manston fighter airfields attacked. Aircrafts were destroyed on the ground. London docks heavily bombed. Bristol, Chester, Portland, Newport, Swansea, Worcester and Tavistock were bombed.

    August 17th : Small raids on Wales, Midlands and NW England.

    August 18th : West Malling, Biggin Hill, Kenley and Croydon attacked. Poling radar station attacked.

    August 19th : German reconnaissance flights. Raids on Dover, Portsmouth, Southampton and Pembroke Dock. Raids on Sheffield, Wolverhampton, Nottingham, Hull, Leicester, Derby, Bristol and Southampton.

    August 20th : Attack on Dover balloon barrage. Manston, West Mailing and Eastchurch airfields attacked. Convoys off Welsh and East Anglian coasts attacked.

    August 21st : 50 barrage ballons shot down at Dover. Debden, Eastchurch and Detling airfields attacked. Grimbsy, Canterbury, Norwich, Bournemouth, Southampton, Newmarket, Firth of Forth, Hull and Harwich Bombed.

    August 23rd : Tangmere, Biggin Hill and Abingdon airfields attacked. Portsmouth, Maidstone, St. Albans and Cromer bombed. Convoys off Norfolk and Essex coasts attacked.

    August 24th : Manston airfield bombed. Hornchurch, North Weald, Ramsgate, Portsmouth and Dover attacked. London bombed.

    August 25th : Warmell airfield damaged. West of England, the Scilly Isles and Pembroke Dock bombed. South Midlands, south Wales, south England and Montrose airfield in Scotland attacked.

    August 26th : Portsmouth, Biggin Hill, Kenley, Debden and Warmell, Bournemouth, Coventry, St. Eval and Plymouth were bombed.

    August 27th : Luftwaffe reconnaissance flights.

    August 28th : Rochford, Eastchurch, Derby, Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham, Coventry, Sheffield and London attacked.


    August 29th : 130 bombers attack Liverpool.

    August 30th : Diversionary attacks on shipping in Thames Estuary. Raids on Kenley, Biggin Hill and Shoreham airfields. Biggin Hill and North Weald airfields were attacked. London, Liverpool and south Wales bombed.

    August 31st : Radar stations at Rye, Pevensey, Beachy Head, Foreness and Whitstable were damaged. Dover balloon barrage destroyed. North Weald, Hornchurch, Biggin Hill, Croydon and Detling airfields attacked. Liverpool, Bristol, Manchester, Portsmouth, Durham, Gloucester and Worcester bombed.

    September 1st : Eastchurch, Detling, Biggin Hill, Lympne and Hawkinge attacked. Docks at Tilbury and Dover bombed. Sheffield, Liverpool, Hull, Grimsby and Burton attacked.

    September 2nd : Airfields at Biggin Hill, Rochford, North Weald, Debden, Eastchurch, Hornchurch, Kenly, Digby and Detling attacked. Liverpool and Birmingham bombed. Mines laid off Welsh coast

    September 3rd : Airfields at North Weald, Hornchurch and Debden attacked. Liverpool, south wales and south-east England bombed.

    September 4th : Dover ballon barrage attacked. Lympe and Eastchurch airfields attacked. Brooklands and Rochester aircraft factories attacked. Liverpool, Bristol, Newcastle, Manchester, south Wales, Gravesend, Tilbury and Nottingham bombed.

    September 5th : Croydon, Lympne, North Weald, Biggin Hill and Eastchurch airfields attacked. Liverpool, London, Manchester bombed.

    September 6th : Biggin Hill airfield bombed. Brooklands aircraft factory bombed.

    September 7th : London heavily bombed. Many were killed.

    September 8th : Hornchurch, Detling and West Malling airfields attacked. London attacked by 207 bombers. 412 killed, 747 injured.

    September 9th : Purley, Norbiton, Surbiton, Canterbury and Kingston were bombed. West Malling and Tangmere airfields attacked. London bombed.

    September 10th : London, Liverpool and south Wales bombed.

    September 11th : London, Hornchurch, Kenley, Biggin Hill, Brooklands, Eastchurch, Detling and Colerne, Merseyside bombed.

    September 12th : Fairlight radar station bombed. London, Midlands, north-east and south-east England bombed.

    September 13th : London bombed.

    September 14th : London, Ipswich, Cardiff and Maidstone bombed.

    September 15th : London heavily attacked. This day was chosen as "Battle of Britain Day". 27 losses for RAF. 56 losses for Luftwaffe.

    September 16th : London, Merseyside and Bristol bombed.

    September 17th : London, Liverpool and Glasgow attacked.

    September 18th : Thames Estuary bombed . London and Liverpool attacked.

    September 19th : London and Merseyside attacked.

    September 20th : London bombed.

    September 21st : Kenley, Biggin Hill and Hornchurch airfields attacked. London bombed. Brooklands aircraft factory was bombed.

    September 22nd : A few German intrusions into British airspace. Night: London was bombed.

    September 24th : Southampton and Tilbury attacked. London bombed.

    September 25th : Bristol aircraft factory bombed. London, north-west England and north Wales bombed.

    September 26th : Aircraft factory at Southampton destroyed. London and Merseyside attacked.

    September 27th : London, Liverpool and Midlands attacked.

    September 28th : London attacked.

    September 29th : South-East England bombed.

    September 30th : London, Bristol and Liverpool bombed.

    October 1st : Germans switched tactics. Bombers kept for night work. Daytime sweeps by groups of 100 plus fighters armed with 250kg bomb. London, Portsmouth, Southampton, Manchester and Liverpool bombed.

    October 2nd : 100 bombers attack London.

    October 3rd : De Havilland aircraft factory at Hatfield attacked. London bombed.

    October 4th : London, Canterbury, Liverpool attacked.

    October 5th : Folkstone, Southampton, London attacked.

    October 6th : London, and SE England attacked. Biggin Hill airfield attacked.


    October 7th : Aircraft factory at Yeovil bombed. London, Merseyside, Firth of Forth, Hatfield, Ford, Tangmere and Lee-on-Solent and Eastleigh airfields attacked.

    October 8th : London bombed.

    October 9th : London heavily bombed.

    October 10th : London, Merseyside, Manchester attacked.

    October 11th : Southend, Kenley and Biggin Hill airfields attacked. Folkestone, Weymouth, Canterbury, London, Teeside, Tyneside, Merseyside and Manchester bombed.

    October 12th : London was bombed.

    October 13th : London, Dundee, Bristol, Merseyside, bombed.

    October 14th : London bombed.

    October 15th : London and Birmingham bombed.

    October 16th : Light attacks on London.

    October 17th : Margate and Broadstairs bombed. London bombed.

    October 19th : London, Merseyside and Bristol attacked. Attacks getting lighter.

    October 20th : London, Kent, Coventry attacked.

    October 21st : London, Wolverhampton, Coventry, Liverpool and Birmingham bombed.

    October 22nd : More light attacks on Birmingham and London.

    October 23rd : London, Harwich, Southampton, Cromer, Glasgow bombed.

    October 24th : Light attacks again on Birmingham and London.

    October 26th : Merseyside, Manchester and London bombed.

    October 27th : London, Bristol and Liverpool bombed.

    October 28th : Convoys in Thames attacked. London, Merseyside and Midlands attacked.

    October 29th : Last major German effort. London and central England were heavily bombed.

    October 30th : Bad weather hampered both defenders and attackers.

    October 31st : light attack.
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    I find it so fitting the in the background of the second picture the dome of St. Paul is in the background.
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    I know its an old picture and first seen many years ago, but was photoshop around at the time? :ahg:
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    Thanks for the great resource here Jim. I skimmed through most of it because it's so comprehensive but am glad to know where to find such an exact listing detailing the Battle of Britain like this. Great work!
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    Can you imagine living in London and having a 100 bombers come at once and attack. That would just be to much for me. This is a great list. Thank you for sharing it.

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