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Battle of Reipertswiller, France, January 1945

Discussion in 'Western Europe 1943 - 1945' started by kerrd5, Sep 25, 2011.

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    I previously transcribed part of the 3rd Bn Journal, 157th Infantry Regiment,
    45th Infantry Division, in this thread:


    At the Battle of Reipertswiller, the 157th Infantry Regiment sustained the
    most casualties it had seen since Anzio:

    The Battle of Reipertswiller

    I spent most of today transcribing the 1st Battalion Journal of 16 January thru 31 January
    1945 into a Word Document. I had copied the Journal in August during my last visit to the NARA.

    In the last hour, I spoke by phone to two members of C Company, 157th,
    who were captured on 20 January 1945. I shall be providing to both
    of these gentlemen copies of the transcribed Journal.

    It is fascinating reading, so I'm sharing it with this Forum.

    First Battalion Journal
    157th Infantry Regiment
    January 1945

    College Park, MD

    January 16, 1945

    0200 A, B, and C Co’s report all quiet.

    0400 Co’s report all quiet.
    0600 Co’s report all quiet.
    0610 B Co. reports a few rockets fell in front of them.
    0645 CO calls Regt’l S-3 and asks if 2[SUP]nd[/SUP] Bn is going to move all their
    troops off of the hill, F Co will stay in position.
    0800 A Co. reports 88mm firing down in front of their positions.
    C Co. reports they are receiving some mortar fire on their positions.
    B Reports mort. and arty down below their positions in the valley.
    0815 3[SUP]rd[/SUP] Bn. reports they had an Ey patrol in front of L Co. They fire
    on patrol SIA’s and patrol dispersed.
    0830 S-3 calls C Co and asks if they are ready to go. They are waiting
    for wire as soon as they get there the Co will move.
    0900 C Co checked out to move.
    1000 Bn S-3 leaves to check on B Co.
    1005 Bn Ex. and S-2 leave to check on C Co.
    1015 Bn CO tells Regt’l CO that B Co is now tied in with 36 Engrs.
    Also tells him that C Co is on the move.
    1020 Bn CO tells A Co CO to leave his radio on and try and keep contact
    with C Co.
    1035 Bn CO tells Lt Briggs he is now D Co CO.
    1045 Bn CO tells Col. James that if C Co gets on ridge vic 8239, he
    will send B Co by the same route to mop up behind C Co.
    1110 Bn CO calls A Co. to see if they can contact C Co. by radio.
    They can’t.
    1115 Bn CO tries to contact C Co by radio.
    1120 Bn CO calls Capt. Shy to see if L Co has seen anything of C Co.
    They haven’t but they heard some MG. firing to L Co’s right rear
    1125 Bn CO tells Regt’l S-2 C Co. is 200 yds. short of hill 818393.
    Also notifies 3[SUP]rd[/SUP] Bn S-3.
    1140 Bn CO tells 1[SUP]st[/SUP] Bn 36 Engrs. that B Co. will soon be moving out.
    Password: Palace-Farce.
    1150 3[SUP]rd[/SUP] Bn S-3 informs Bn CO that C Co. is on hill with L, and L Co.
    is helping C Co get into position. Notified Regt’l S-3 and says
    he will move B Co out right away. First to hill 403 (838380)
    and then up with C Co. Bn CO notified 36E.
    1155 Bn CO tells B Co to move back to hill 403 get rationed and then
    move off.
    1200 Bn CO tells Regt’l S-3 that B Co will move up behind C Co and
    clean up behind C. Then they will extend C Co’s right flank.
    1215 C Co CO calls and gives the info on his Co to Bn CO.

    1230 E -805385 G- 809386
    1240 Bn Exec. and S-2 return to CP.
    1305 LO says 3[SUP]rd[/SUP] Bn is preparing for a C/A as they are firing a lot
    of arty. Line is out to 3[SUP]rd[/SUP] Bn.
    1310 S-3 returns to CP.
    1315 CO tells D Co CO to plan on counter mortar measures.
    1355 CO goes fwd on a recon.
    1405 Maj. Kessler arrives. Says 3[SUP]rd[/SUP] Bn received a stiff C/A (L and K Co.)
    Is still going on.
    1420 K Co is getting another C/A.
    1430 A Co CO says there seems to be a C/A in 36E sector.
    1432 Bn Exec. calls CO 1[SUP]st[/SUP] Bn 36 Engrs. He says his raiding party
    into Rehbach got into a firefight but that is all.
    1444 B Co. checked out.
    1505 Bn Exec. gives Regt’l S-2 latest info. Says Krauts are behind I Co.
    1637 At (843391) two Ey MG’s fired on raiding party 36 Engrs. Bn Ex.
    notified Regt’l S-3.
    1640 B Co. line in. B CO is hit. B Co. is moving to 818388. Still
    Krauts behind 3[SUP]rd[/SUP] Bn. Bn Ex. tells CO 1[SUP]st[/SUP] Bn Engrs. to put an
    outpost out at 842391 as a warning in case any Ey try to infiltrate.
    1710 Bn Ex. tells Regt’l S-3 that B Co. is moving to OBJ. Still Krauts
    behind 3[SUP]rd[/SUP] Bn. Bn Exec. says B Co. will move E from OBJ and clean

    out Ey 822392. Then B Co. will extend his CO SE.
    1715 Bn Exec. informs CO that this plan will be okay. 36 Engrs will
    have (1) plt. to keep contact with A Co.
    1720 Bn Ex. notified A Co CO.
    1724 Bn S-4 says 2 supply trucks and one wire truck were ambushed.
    1727 CO, 36 E. says he will dig a plt in at 838385 and keep contact with
    A Co.
    1800 S-2, and S-3 return. Say A-T plt 3[SUP]rd[/SUP] Bn has made contact with B Co.
    1805 CO returns , say C Co. is all together.
    1810 Bn Ex. tells Regt’l S-3 the latest info. incl. B Co. being in a
    fight now 818388. G Co. is tied in with K Co. rt. flank. Regt.
    wants this Bn to clean up Krauts behind our position
    1830 A Co. Co says a tk is firing from vic 834384 to his rt front.
    1840 S-3 tells D Co. mortars to double their guard.
    1915 Msgr. from B Co. They are on northern slope of hill at 823387.
    1940 825389-Approx. position of B Co thru arty radio.
    1945 Bn CO talks over situation of trucks with wireman. Wireman
    thinks we can get to trucks. Thru his info. Bn CO figures “B”
    Co. is at (817387).
    1950 Bn CO sends a msg. by radio to B Co. asking if they passed the
    3 Vehs. that were ambushed and gives them the pos. he thinks they
    are at.

    2005 Bn CO gives Reg’tl S-3 B Co. pos (817387) says he will have more
    info. later.
    2020 In with all Cos. by (300) Radio.
    2025 B Co. sends word that their ps. is at (817385)
    2030 Bn. CO says we will attack again tom. Tells S-3 B will cont. to
    attack to the E., C Co move dir. E. and clear up hill, A Co will
    attack at daylight. A will attack on order.
    2035 Msg. came thru by radio that a patrol went tow. peeps but drew
    hvy. fire.
    2045 Bn S-3 tells A Co. CO to tell B Co. CO to tie in his plts. and
    sit tight. A Co. CO says he got a Roger on his msg.
    2045 3[SUP]rd[/SUP] Bn. S-3 says are not in by wire to L Co. Says Lt. Tks are
    within 150 yds of I Co.
    2050 Plans for Tom morning:
    1. B Co attack N. contact C Co. move E to secure ground between
    Obj A (822392) and Q (823387) Attack at daylight
    2. C Co. attack E seize obj. A (822392) maintain contact L Co.
    Plaster Obj. A ½ Hr. arty. Prep.
    3. A Co. move around N. Edge of hill 415 to Q use smoke on arty
    prep. Use exery.
    2220 Reg’t informs Bn. S-3 that F Co. will leave the first thing in the
    morning to suppose and 3[SUP]rd[/SUP] Bn.

    2240 Regt. informs Bn. S-3 that F Co. will leave the first thing in the
    morning to support 3[SUP]rd[/SUP] Bn.
    2240 Bn S-3 encodes a msg. and sends attack plan to C Co thru A. Also
    gives A Co. CO his plans.
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    January 17, 1945

    0100 A Co. reports all quiet in their sector. Can hear S/A on their
    left flank. Bn. S-3 not’d Regt. S-3.
    0150 Info. from 2[SUP]nd[/SUP] Bn. PW’s
    From 2[SUP]nd[/SUP] Co., 11[SUP]th[/SUP] SS Regt, (1) PH of 2[SUP]nd[/SUP] Co. is attached to 3[SUP]rd[/SUP]
    Co. Total strength 120 and 130 men. Mission: take hill where
    K is. 1[SUP]st[/SUP] Bn. had been Div Res. and had not been committed prev. in
    this sector. Remainder of Bn. is in ass. area (815420 – 818425)
    Route they moved down was main rd. (816424) down to (802403)
    then W thru woods on a trail. Packed (2) mortars on horseback. (2) days
    ago they heard 3[SUP]rd[/SUP] Bn was up in 8134 grid, sq. Age is 18-24 in
    this Regt.
    0200 A Co. says 36 Engrs contacted them at 0130. Not’d Regt. S-2
    0315 A Co reports all quiet.
    0540 A Co reports all quiet. Unable to contact B or C Co. by radio.

    0650 Bn. Ex. gives Regt. our plans for today.
    0700 Checked out with Regt. that the CP was moving around on Rothbach Rd.
    0930 CO tells Regtl. S-3 tells him B. Co has been patrolling twd. where
    the vehicls are far into Krauts. B is going to clean them out
    first. Have a plat 6 men in one and 16 in other.
    0950 CO talks to C Co. and tells him to get all of Co. together over on
    Rt. flank Extend L Co. flank to south.
    0955 B Co. wants arty. Vic. (820387)
    1005 CO tells Ex. that B is at (817384). Krauts trying to work around
    their rt. flank.
    1200 CO receives word that we will make a 3 Co. attack at 0400 will be
    15 min. arty. prep. to attack hill (Q).
    1210 CP talks to B Co. gives him details for attack B says they have a
    1440 S-3 calls says A and F Co. are on the way. Ex tells him we have a
    rep. that 3[SUP]rd[/SUP] is getting a C/A
    1405 Ex. talks to Regt. Tells them A and F are on the way.
    Regt. S-3 rep K and G are getting an attack from vic (809399) and
    1420 G Co rep they have Ey. behind them. K co. wants range decreased
    on Arty.

    1425 CO tells Lt. Briggs to fire mortars on east nose of hill A vic.
    (528834) cover draw there also.
    1450 Ex. calls Regt. S-3 tells him B hasn’t been making any headway.
    A rep. 1 gun is firing short there trying to move again, also
    F Co.
    1545 Ex. calls Regt. S-3 tells him F-and Aare pinned down we do not
    know details. Co’s are side by side on fwd slope of 415 826383
    held up by ey defensive positions.
    1550 Ex. talks to CP tells him Hq. Co. is going to attack up 3[SUP]rd[/SUP] Bn
    supply route. CO says F is tied in on A Co. left.
    1600 B Co. CO arrives, says they can’t move forward, can’t move
    back until after dark. Ex. tells him we are sending 14 men with
    him. Ex says for B Co to tie in where they are. B Co CO says
    Krauts keep infiltrating around Co. on rt. a few at a day under
    cover of arty. B Co. CO says he needs HMG men only have 2 men on
    HMG’s. Needs men for guns.
    1640 S-3 calls B Co. rep they are getting an attack. A Co. calling for
    fire on ey personnel coming down draw 832393
    1645 Ex. tells Regt S-3 B Co is at 816383 when they tried to attack.
    Ey attack have had 3 attacks since then. Ey MG’s 816387 and ey
    troops at 810387 troops work around from left to rt. o B Co, Co
    to B Co. 36 Engrs rep they hear armor at 832394 are firing on it.
    1650 Arty firing on ey personell 832393-S-3 rep he saw at least 25 ey
    coming up the draw.
    1655 D Co. say they are sending up ten (10) men to man M/G at B Co.
    1655 CO returns Ex. tells him about B Co situation.
    1700 S-3 says A Co is pulling back to their old position also F is pulling
    1705 CO tells S-3 to have A Co tie in on F Co line and we will make
    arrangements to help police the line. Co says pull out our board and
    close out other CP.
    1760 Ex calls Regt. S-3 asks if we can get some light tks to send up to
    B Co. Regt. rep. they have 2 with 3[SUP]rd[/SUP] Bn. which are cut off. The
    other 2 are going up supply route with Hq Co.
    1825 S-2 leaves for Regt. to give them over situation.
    1900 Receive Msg. from B Co. Hq Co. stop join this Co. Notified Regt.
    1915 Ex. notifies 3[SUP]rd[/SUP] Bn of msg. from B Co.
    1920 S-2 ret from Regt. says they are sending a Co of 179 up vic of our
    CP tonite in case of a break thru they will follow 3[SUP]rd[/SUP] Bn supply
    route. S-2 says 180[SUP]th[/SUP] gained about 200 yds today but were
    pushed back to their original position.
    F 100 80323908

    Harrassing-806395 812401
    809401 802403
    818397 Cann. total 120 rds.
    828395 821394 40 rds.
    830400 808403 (position 20 rds.)
    821394 805402
    2200 S-3 2[SUP]nd[/SUP] Bn arrives at Bn CP with Co. 179 Co being assembled vic.
    2230 Regt’l. S-3 calls says that Co is attached to 1[SUP]st[/SUP] Bn for supply
    and communications. Co will move into position between B and F
    Co’s vic. 823384 by 0700.
    2325 Regt. CO calls the following order to S-3. A Co. seize L-415 maintain
    contact 36 E. Org. prev. Bn –(Co F and Co B 177) G Co 179
    Hq. and AT Co. attack 0630. Direct from present position in B Co
    to N E for RJ. 833393. Seize ridge between hill 415 and 390 continue
    attack and clear the nose running NE from h390 to make contact
    with 36 E. on rt. Attack order command CO 1[SUP]st[/SUP] Bn. Personally
    accompany the attack and control it until positions is secured.
    Co. C is attached to 3[SUP]rd[/SUP] Bn until contact is reestablished. CO
    2[SUP]nd[/SUP] Bn and 3[SUP]rd[/SUP] Bn will collect all personell-attack 0630 fight way
    to their Bn. If necessary dig in 1000 yds of their Bn.
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    January 18, 1945

    0045 S-2 calls Lt Farley CO of Hq Co Cannon Co. asks him to come down
    to Bn. Lt Farley rep they were in contact with B Co but lost
    contact as a result of fire fight. 16 men were cut off, do not
    yet know the results. Capt Cannon was killed.
    0050 CO talks to 3[SUP]rd[/SUP] Bn CO, asks if it will be possible to use the
    tks tomorrow. 3[SUP]rd[/SUP] rep. they got 1 trk and trailer thru to Co’s
    with rations. 1 tk slid off the rd.
    0100 Ex. calls Regt S-3 asks if we can get tks. Regt thinks we may
    be able to get 2 tks.
    0105 CO asks Regt S-3 if it will be possible to set the time of attack
    at 0700. Regt. S-3 says arrangements have already been made
    for Engrs to attack at 0630. CO says forget it.
    0110 CO gives Co G 179 plans and order for tomorrow. Be ready to move
    at 0600 from here.
    0115 Regt. S-3 says there will be a section of lt. tks here at 0530.
    0125 D Co CO arrives. CO gives him plan for tomorrow.
    0128 Call signs: 179[SUP]th[/SUP] G Co. X14
    157[SUP]th[/SUP] F Co. X15
    157[SUP]th[/SUP] Hq. Co. X16
    Chmls X13
    0515 Ex. orients B Co CO on plan for attack.
    0524 S-2 leaves for G Co to get them started.
    0555 G Co. checked out to move.
    0600 2 lt. Tks arrive at Bn. Cp. CO tells them to contact a part of
    Hqs. Co. and go up to B Co. B Co. CO will tell them were to
    go from there.
    0630 Ex. talks to Regt. says G Co is on way, everything going according
    to schedule, except that Regt. Hqs won’t move. Lt Farley says
    he is sending his men to contact the tanks.
    0710 G Co. calls to lift arty fire to Pt 2. CO checked in on G Co
    wire head.
    0735 Regt. S-3 rep 180 captured a PW this morning vic 803384 from 7[SUP]th[/SUP]
    Co 11[SUP]th[/SUP] SS. PW says they were supposed to attack this morning.
    0744 2[SUP]nd[/SUP] rep G and K are receiving C/A.
    0745 Arty rep C as receiving C/A.
    0749 F Co. is moving.
    0750 CO rep G Co. is at about 821381. G asks to have rate of fire
    on pt Q.
    0805 S-3 rep. F Co. is moving. Ex. tells them G 179 is moving along
    fairly well.
    0815 Regtl. S-3 calls says will have a plt. of med. tks. on way up.
    0838 PW rep. he was firing mortar at range 650 meters due west and they
    were firing on our fwd elements. Also reported entire Bn.
    (200 men) were going to attack this AM in Vic of sector he was
    in yesterday.
    0840 G Co hold up at (822322). F is moving. B not moving.
    0905 F Co. rep they are receiving heavy arty. fire, would like some
    0910 CO says G Co is ready to move again want Arty to resume fire
    on Pt. 2.
    0925 TK plat ldr. arrives at CP says 2 Tks will go to 3[SUP]rd[/SUP] Bn.
    1010 3[SUP]rd[/SUP] Bn. reports G Co didn’t get completely overrun. Some escaped
    and are now tied in with I Co.
    1012 Bn. CO returns. Says we have to attack again and dig in one Co.
    Cont. to be aggressive.
    1015 Arty LO says Corps arty will shoot. Want to know by 1p25 if Ey.
    aty has slackened.
    1017 813377 Bn CO says he got a msg from B Co that Krauts were at above
    1030 Msg. from A Co and G Co. Contact patrol on way to you. Bn Ex.
    notifies G Co.
    1050 B Co CO says they have 20 men from AT Co.
    1100 Bn. CO tells Regt. S-3 that he plans on breaking thru and on up
    to C Co with 2 tks. and B and G Co. Then they can fight down from
    SE and on C Co. Will have to use the bulldozer to clear trails first.
    1102 S-3 picked up track movement at 825395.
    1110 Maj. Snyder 179[SUP]th[/SUP] arrives at CP says his Bn. will try to move up
    and restore G Co. 157[SUP]th[/SUP] positions.
    1125 PW report: heard mortars firing from (8 0401) Mortar section.
    Info from 36 E Regt. S-2 says 645[SUP]th[/SUP] TD Recon is sending patrols
    up draws from (824372) (878370) (883367)
    1400 2[SUP]nd[/SUP] Bn. Vic 814380 and ready to attack from there.
    1415 Ey cutting down trees (833393) A Co FO
    1420 Ey Inf. infiltrating around A Co positions.
    1421 Regt. says A Co is supposed to attack down the Ridge at 1430.
    1425 Bn CO tells G Co 179[SUP]th[/SUP] he will jump off at 1500.
    1440 Bn S-2 leaves to tell A Co their mission.
    1445 A Co FO firing on Ey pers (825483) (826384)
    1450 Bn Ex, notifies G Co to watch for any infiltration on their right flank
    1455 One of our Lt. tks. and 2 ½ ton truck burning at (818373). Notd. Reg S-2.
    1500 Bn CO tells Ex to fire all B Co wpns on all Ey posns.
    1505 Bn. S-3 tells A Co CO that Bn S-2 is on his way up to him.
    1507 A Co CO says he wants arty. directly in front to him. (826385)
    Says a big hunk of wire was cut at 840380 says his Co is firing
    and F Co is firing S/A at them.
    1630 F Co patrol reached pt. 1 (834378)
    1640 Maj Tirreta (36E) thinks some of his men are on hill N of
    (H364) (835403)
    1650 Tks with B Co won’t move.
    1700 Bn CO tells B Co to keep up with E Co 179[SUP]th[/SUP] their left as E
    Co. is moving.
    1708 Bn. S-2 returns from A Co says everything is to cleared up there.
    Are tied in with 36E on the right.
    1720 E 179[SUP]th[/SUP] (815487) F 179[SUP]th[/SUP] tied in with our E Co.
    1740 Kraut MG 824380 Kraut Dugout 824382 W/Pers.
    1744 A Co will move their at Plt. and their left flank will be at

    (8247-3876) (8075-4026)
    (8086-3956) ( 826- 403)
    (8251-3824) (8192-4062)
    (8304-3904) (8057-4061)
    (8098-3996) 8020-4025
    (8178-3967) (811-4030)
    ( 825- 396) (8297-4000)
    (8142-4024) (8197-4015)
    1815 (1) Green flare went up vic (833390). Reported by A Co CO
    Notified Regt.
    1820 Hq Co is tied in with B Co on their left. 1 white flare went up vic
    (833390) Reported by A Co. Notified Regt. S-2.
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    January 19, 1945

    0015 A and G Co. report all quiet.
    0815 In with B Co by radio.
    0820 Bn CO tells Regt S-3 that he can use about 20 men to help
    A Co. protect its right flank.
    0830 Two tks have reached G Co and two are on way to B Co.
    0840 G Co has a patrol out to check on road blocks. Is not at (820386)
    0845 CO talks to A Co. Says we have about 22 men from Hq and wants
    to know if A Can use the W. CO says G and B Co’s are going to
    try to get up to C and then swing down ridge twds. A Co.
    0853 Ex. calls G Co tells them to call your patrol back and be ready
    to go at 0930.
    G Co CO says patrol ran into a mortar barrage at Pt. 4 818388
    and are on way back now.
    0910 Ex. calls 2[SUP]nd[/SUP] Bn. Vic tells them we are jumping off at 0930.
    He tells them G had a patrol didn’t meet anything.
    G Co. will go that way then come back along the ridge.
    0935 G Co checks out by phone.
    1000 E and F Co 179[SUP]th[/SUP] jumping off at 1015
    1015 Co B Co. arrives Bn Cp gives CO situation says can’t get
    men to move has 35 men from B Co. left also AT Co. can’t
    get them to move. CO tells B Co CO that he will have to
    keep them in position until situation clears up.
    1045 G Co rep they have part of 2 plat and the 2 tks. 1 cut off
    vic. (820383)
    Balance of Co are still in old position. Are trying to get every-
    thing back.
    1100 A Co wants to fire Chml. at (838388)
    1100 G Co rep the tks are back. Ex. tells them to tie in either
    position around this tk and stay in position until Regt. of
    that Co. and can get back.
    1110 Ex notifies Regt that A Co firing at Krauts in front of them
    vic (8333388). Krauts seem to be coming twd them. Ex. tells
    regiment that Co Co is cut off with the troops party of Co
    is staying in position and TK has thrown a track. Krauts are
    trying to come around to the rt. of G Co.
    1015 G Co line is out.
    1020 Ex notifies A Co of Ey inf. (824379)
    1040 CO returns from Regt.
    1200 36 E. rep they are meeting fierce opposition. Have not gained
    any ground.
    1240 Regt’l S-2 says Corps arty will fire counter battery and will
    want to know if there was any letup in ey arty in a half hour.
    Password: POCO- TELEPHONE.
    1305 Bn S-3 calls for G Co position of last plt a arty wants to fire
    on 820386
    1320 G Co. reports his Co is all back. Notified arty that 820386
    is right to fire.
    1345 CO calls 2[SUP]nd[/SUP] Bn 179 tells them 3[SUP]rd[/SUP] Bn will not clear arty mission
    at 814393. But can use mortars there.
    1400 G Co. rep. by phone. Co. jumped off got up about 600 yds.
    draw fire from their sides, sent one plt. to get them out,
    plt’s both got out. but have lost 5 men and Co CO. Tank is
    about 75 yds. from their present location but is being protected.
    Tk. crew is trying to put track on if they can’t they
    will destroy it. Ex Notifies Regt.
    1405 Arty putting a large TOT 834393 1414
    1412 Regt’l CO Bn CO
    1417 CO calls 3[SUP]rd[/SUP] Bn asks if they know any route which we can get
    tks up to F Co.
    1418 CO calls F Co.
    1430 CO calls Regt. S-3.
    1520 G Co. rep an ey patrol 5 men dressed American uniforms came
    around hill to their right. Patrol fired on our troops and withdrew.
    1525 CO tells A Co. to start their patrol.
    1615 B Co. patrol contacted G Co. Is returning now.
    1730 A Co. patrol ret. patrol went down to the draw, went along draw
    about 200 yds and ran into a patrol wearing parkers with the
    darks sides out, both parties withdraw. Patrol believed other
    patrol to be ey.
    1800 G Co. rep they have a contact patrol leaving now to contact B
    Co. patrol will return from B Co. about 2130. B Co. will send
    a patrol about 2400 to G Co. and return 0330. Not. Regt.
    1801 G Co. rep. CO and party ret. lost both radios. Ex. notifies
    1815 G Co. patrol to B Co. is on the way.
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    January 20, 1945

    0600 Regt. called and said to alert all Co’s for possible ey attack.
    A, F and G Co’s. Notified by metallic. Regt. also asks for reports
    on all ey arty. Where, when, no. of rds. and probable
    size of piece, with azmuthal reading.
    0800 F Co. rep 411[SUP]th[/SUP] has jumped off, are set to give them some overhead
    fire if they need it. G co. 179[SUP]th[/SUP] rep heavy arty fire.
    0815 F Co. rep all running some M/G fire on the left.
    0830 F reports that unit who went to the left ran into some fire,
    the other two units haven’t received anything as yet. Ex notified
    Regt. S-3.
    0900 F Co. 411[SUP]th[/SUP] at 827384. G Co. to left of F. E Co on rt. Pulling
    back to F to reorganize. Notified Regt.
    1027 Bn S-3 tells B Co. to fire all wpns as 411[SUP]th[/SUP] is going to
    attack again at 1030. He also notifies G Co. not to be unprepared
    when B Co. opens up with all wpns.
    1100 F Co. CO says his Co. moved fwd, but his pt. was pinned down
    by cross-fire, so he is waiting for Co’s on his right and left
    to catch up and relieve the pressure before he moves out again.
    1125 At 1230 the air corps will drop rations to troops that are
    cut off. Arty will mark target. Will adjust smoke at 813393.
    Password: Test-Poll.
    1245 Bn CO tells G Co. CO to send a patrol to try and contact A Co.
    Says their left flank is in vic of 826378.
    1250 Bn S-3 says arty smoked up the hill where air corps was supposed
    to drop the rations but planes circled twice and never dropped any.
    1310 Bn S-2 informs A Co. CO of patrol going to contact them from
    G Co.
    1311 Bn CO called to Regt.
    1415 Bn CO. returns. Says 3[SUP]rd[/SUP] Bn is going to try and fight their
    way out. Our mortars are to fire continuous fire smoke for (1)
    one hour on 818387. B Co is to fire all their wpns intermittently.
    Mortars fire will begin at 0530.
    1445 C Co. patrol contacted A Co.
    1650 S-3 calls Regt. S-3 asks if any word on 3[SUP]rd[/SUP] Bn. Regt. says 3[SUP]rd[/SUP]
    radioed back that they were going to surrender. 3[SUP]rd[/SUP] CO told
    them he would smoke the hill and for them to try it once more.
    1700 CO leaves for Regt. to get latest info.
    1745 Regt’l S-3 calls says thinks we will stay in position tonite
    to see if any men from 3[SUP]rd[/SUP] infiltrate out. Say 2 men from I Co.
    ret. They rep. that about 70% of all Co’s are casualties. C
    Co. has 7 men left, Co’s tried to come out but the arty was too
    heavy. Co’s decided to surrender in order to get medical aid.
    1820 815350-3[SUP]rd[/SUP] CP moving to this position.
    1855 CO talks to CO 2[SUP]nd[/SUP] Bn about plan for organization position.
    Plan to tie in on our left flank with 2[SUP]nd[/SUP] Bn vic 811365 we will
    have a plan on having a guide at 805366 to pick up F Co. guide
    them from there. 2[SUP]nd[/SUP] Bn CP vic. 800359.
    2055 2[SUP]nd[/SUP] Bn rt flank will tie in at 807364.
    2013 2[SUP]nd[/SUP] Bn LO calls, wants LO to turn on arty radios try to pick
    up Mgs/ from K Co’s Obs.
    2350 D Co. report mortars have all cleared and are on way out.
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    January 21, 1945

    0415 A Co. reports all quiet, G Co. 179[SUP]th[/SUP] line is out.
    0700 B Co. sends following msg. to G Co.: G on order after B Co.
    reaches bridge, withdraw to bridge 823371 then SW to bldgs.
    814368-temporary assembly area. Then to area vic Bn CP 800349
    F-revert to Brown at R U 805366 guide there to pick up Co.
    A-follow F cover rear occupy rt. half Bn sector maintain contact
    36 Engs. on right. B after A has occupied position, pull
    back occupy left half sector. Attachments remain the same until
    further orders.
    0830 Bn CP moves to vic 799349
    1345 CO tells A Co. Co to leave an Off. and about ½ sqd of men in
    position when we withdraw. Men will remain until about 0330 in
    morning. F Co to do the same. Make arrangements to have an off.
    make a recon. and arrangements to guide holding party out to the
    bridge. Co will probably pull out at about 1830. CO will give
    further info. at later date.
    1400 Ex. ret. from Regt. with order to withdrawal of 157[SUP]th[/SUP] to assembly
    1500 Bn CO tells F Co. their route of withdrawal.
    1501 Bn CO goes on a recon. to the rear.
    1818 A Co. checking out.
    2040 Ex. notifies Regt. S-3 that all our troops have cleared except
    the covering force. Ex. wants to know if it will be possible to
    bring covering force out before the designated time. Regt’l
    S-3 says he will let us know if it will be possible.
    2400 A Co. reports by radio that Ey is occupying their left flank
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    January 22, 1945

    0005 Ey occupying A Co. left flank, S-2 notifies Regt’l S-3.
    0030 A Co. report they will not be able to use the trail they originally
    intended to use.
    0045 Ex. calls, tells S-2 to have holding force withdraw.
    0100 A & B Co’s notified of order to withdraw.
    0105 S-2 leaves to meet holding force with transportation.
    0150 S-2 leaves to meet holding force, reports B Co. is out.
    0220 A & F Co’s out. Notified Regt’l S-2.
    0515 Troops return to their assigned area in Zittersheim.
    0530 Bn S-2 returns. Notified Regt. of all troops being in Zitter-
    sheim. Bn CP in town.
    1330 Password: Limousine-Constantine.
    1620 Regt’l S-3 informs Bn S-3 that trucks will be here at 1800 to move
    Bn. vic. Petersbach (657301). Bn S-3 notifies Co CO’s to be ready
    to move at 1800.
    1640 Regt’l. CO says this Bn will move to Schoenburg. Will load up
    at 1815. Route will be: La Petite Pierre, Petersbach, Lohr, and
    1715 D Co. checked out.
    1735 A Co. checked out.
    2020 Troops loaded on trucks and moved. Notified Reg’tl. S-3. Checked
    out this CP to move.
    2130 Troops arrived in assembly area Schoenburg.
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    January 23, 1945

    Bn spent day resting and locating quarters for men.

    January 24, 1945

    Bn taking shots and showers.

    January 25, 1945 to 31, 1945

    Bn in process of re-organizing and training.
    Disciplinary drills.
    Squad and platoon problems.
    Firing of weapons.

    For the Battalion Commander:

    1[SUP]st[/SUP] Lt., 157[SUP]th[/SUP] Inf.,
    Ass’t Personnel Adj.
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    Sewanee, Tennessee, USA
    Amazing amount of information here in this journal. Excellent find my friend! It really puts you into thier eyes.
  10. TD-Tommy776

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    The Land of 10,000 Loons
    Nice job on the transcription and especially for providing it to the veterans!
  11. Natman

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    Western Colorado
    I'll echo what Tom said! I checked out several of the coordinates on the satellite views, brutal terrain.
  12. Frank Smiths Son

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    My name is Daniel and my Dads name is Frank as you can tell. Lost Dad in 2003. Years ago while he was alive I had him sitting nearby and i asked him about the battle that he was captured during WWII. We was wounded and taken prisoner. I am not at home right now and am not sure if I even own the computer anymore that I had the detailed accounts of the battle. It was surreal having my Dad ask me if it mentioned Sergeant so and so and as I read on there he was...one of the first killed. I believe this was about the same time frame but not sure. I dont remember much. Dad told me that they had sent scouts out and the day before and everything was calm, then they moved into an open field and were hit with everything but the proverbial kitchen sink. I am going to include links to my Dads POW archive and his enlistment archive. I dont know if anyone can correctly identify his unit and I apologize for not knowing more about this myself. any help would greatly be appreciated and feel free to email me.

    NARA - AAD - Display Full Records - World War II Prisoners of War Data File, 12/7/1941 - 11/19/1946

    frank c smith enlistment record wwII

    View attachment 14742

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    I am curious why you posted your query here.

  14. Frank Smiths Son

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    I looked at the dates that were on the POW record and thought they may have matched up with the dates of this battle. I am shooting in the dark. Dad and I had this conversation many years ago and I had the details bookmarked on another computer. I am not home, I am in a semi, usually getting bounced all over while my co-driver does his shift. I was pretty sure that it was France or near the border, I think he mentioned the Rhine, I think he mentioned Black Forest....Again, all of these things may not even line up with this battle. I was just throwing it out there and if anyone can better decipher his records and tell me any info... I know it was near the end of the war as Dad was eventually in a death march, where they were going to liquidate the soldiers as the war effort was looking bleak for the Germans. So I googled the dates and came up with this thread and this forum...and doing so thought maybe someone could help?

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    My father was IGNATIUS J. CIRRONE, 1[SUP]st[/SUP] Lt., 157[SUP]th[/SUP] Inf., Ass’t Personnel Adj. He died on October 22, 2011. He was 92 years old, my mom is still alive. We would appreciate any thing you can find on my father, or tell me where I can look. Thank you! Ron Cirrone Beach74@optonline.net
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    Congratulations for this post I just discovered.
    I live 15 miles from Reipertswiller and I am looking for information about the battle that took place there in January 1945. I once interviewed the village hall but no result yet. It seems that, in Alsace, there is very little information on this unfortunate period. There are many references to this battle, but no details. I have browsed the site of the 45th Infantry Division (Thunderbirds) and it is the only information I could find.
    The 157th Infantry Regiment had had to deal with the 6th SS gebirgsdivision on and around the Ebersberg, envirronnent top of Reiperstwiller. I moved several times recently on the ground in order to detect some traces. I attached a few pictures I have taken on site and nearby. Your message that contains the records day after day, hour after hour, is invaluable to my research and I am grateful to you!
    One thing that I regret deeply is the absence (unless I am mistaken) any stone, monument or plaque of Events that took place in the forest on this mountain, in this sector. So many sacrifices, so many died to liberate France, Alsace, Reipertswiller.
    Anyway I will certainly keep you informed on this post any information I have knowledge (written and photos)

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    Thanks for your new input, I'm sure our members will appreciate.
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    I've attempted several illustrations of this battle based on the Foster history ( The Battle of Reipertswiller ). For some reason they never seem familiar so I don't know if I have made the same interpretation each time. This time it is going to be on record. I left plenty of room at the top of the map for the German units to be identified.

    I love the shaded-relief graphics that are available from GoogleMaps. For illustrating battles they are so much better than pure topographic maps. Although I sometimes wonder if everyone "sees" the hills. It is an optical illusion that depends on the human default interpretation that the sun shines from above and shadows are cast from protruding features.

    This first map is 14 Jan 1945 with the initial American attempt to take the 420 hill mass. It seems the plan was to sweep to the top from the central ridge running southeast and northwest. Due to navigation errors the attack ended up moving through the ridges and draws of the south face.

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    This map is 15 Jan 1945. The Americans seize the top, but can they hold it?

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