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"Bebita" Hodgkiss one Brazilian Woman in the RAF

Discussion in 'Women at War' started by ricardo, Apr 12, 2016.

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    By: Anderson Subtil, Carlos Motta and Ricardo Lavecchia

    If the history of Anglo-Brazilian volunteers who flew for the Royal Air Force (RAF) during World War II is unknown practitioner, much less publicized is the fact that a select group of young women, mostly daughters or British granddaughters based in Brazil, went to the same fate, entering the female body that force, the Women's Auxiliary Air force, or simply WAAF, as it was more commonly known. So it was with great joy and enthusiasm that we managed to contact Mr. Lauriston James Hodgkiss, whose parents, both born in Brazil, volunteered for the RAF in 1942. His father. The Honorable James Hall Hodgkiss was twin-engine trainer and Horsa gliders flew twin-engine DeHavilland Mosquito in Coastal Command and ended the war as a test pilot in the Airborne Forces Experimental Estabeblishment. Already his mother, Rio Lilian Helene Louise Hodgkiss, known by all as Bebita, it was a WAAF and served in the RAF meteorological section.

    link to the story in Portuguese, but with translation option:


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