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Biography of 591st Engineer Boat Regiment Soldier

Discussion in 'WW2|ORG - WWII Open Resource Group' started by Louis F, Sep 24, 2022.

  1. Louis F

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    Dec 25, 2021
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    I have recently published a biography of my father's time in the 591st Engineer Boat Regiment. He spent time in North Africa, Corsica, Italy , France and Germany. During his final months in the service he was with the 2759th Combat Engineer Battalion. The title of the book is Reveille at 6:15 available on Amazon.com.

    From the back cover:
    Albéric Fontaine was one of the many soldiers who were sent to Africa and Europe to fight in World War II. But Al’s story is one that is not commonly told. “Reveille at 6:15” recounts the journey of this bilingual Franco-American through the African, Mediterranean and European war theaters. It provides a view into the lives and attitudes of the soldiers in the rear echelons, the soldiers who were detached from the threats and anxiety of the front lines but still caught in the whirlwind of war. Al’s ability to speak French opened doors into French-speaking homes where he established friendships and found romance. His story is told through his diary entries, his photographs and the letters to his sister. It is an intimate look into the experience of one soldier. Al’s story is unique in some ways but shared with all GIs in many others.
    Front Cover Rev at 615.jpg
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    Nov 15, 2009
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    Nice !

    I've wanted to write a book on my five uncle's who served during WW2. Maybe one day.

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