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bobby fisher

Discussion in 'Free Fire Zone' started by jeaguer, Jan 19, 2008.

  1. jeaguer

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    Feb 5, 2006
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    Sydney Australia
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    As a keen chess player , it seems to me fitting to mention the passing of Bobby Fisher , gifted U.S. grand master whose style of play revolutionized chess .
    For a while he bore unflinchingly on his shoulders the pride of America .
    A worthy successor of the legendary Paul Morphy , one hundred years his senior

    Chess geniuses are often certifiable insane , Bobby followed that road , raising at first eyebrows , then howls of outage , then the black furies of the state department .
    Whatever he was ..ordinary wasn't it , an anti-semitic jew ,he praised the September 11 amongst his more questionable statements

    let it be said only that his course in the affairs of men was a blinding meteor , consumed by his very haste ,
    well could we wait an other hundred years to see the like of him ,

    Some would think of that as a very good thing :) :) :)

  2. majorwoody10

    majorwoody10 New Member

    Sep 20, 2005
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    well said jeag , ficsher was indeed a prodigy , beating 20 grand masters at a time when he was a small boy .though i alway liked chess , i lack the correct dominant hemisphere to be good at it ,ive always struggled with math but was good at art ,literature , language ect .
    i taught my older son ( a math side dominant brain )
    to play when he was eight , by the time he was ten he was whipping me like red haired step child . ie . my turn , i sit and ponder for 10 minutes , unable to keep track of possible moves past about 3 steps , finally i decide , he comes back looks at the board for 20 seconds moves his peice and walks away , i ponder possible scenarios for 20 minutes , i move . he returns and decides in 27 seconds .and so on till i lose .most humiliating !!!

    fischer of course could do what justin did to me , only do it to the countrys very top adult players 20 or thirty at a time when he was 10 or 12 years old ...like most savants , his human interaction skills were somewhat stunted .

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