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Books for sale

Discussion in 'Book Swap' started by chaz, Apr 9, 2010.

  1. chaz

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    Nov 5, 2006
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    instead of giving some books to a shop to make profit I thought I would offer here first.
    I have the following from my collection I am thinning out. Prices in GB£ can take payment by Paypal and will ship but please enquire about cost first as some books large.

    1...Encyclopedia of the worlds combat aircraft by Bill Gunston from WW1 to 1976 with DJ good condition £10
    2...Encyclopedia of Sea Warfare by Salamander Books from first ironclads to 1977 with DJ good condition £10
    3...VE Day the album photographs from the Imperial War Museum commemorating the 50th anniversary of VE Day 1995 with DJ and good condition £7.50
    4...world war 11 fighter conflict , comparative study of tactics from those air forces concerned 1975 with DJ and good condition £ 7.50
    5... handbook of World War 11, various key moments from WW2 2002 with DJ in VGC £ 7.50

    Im not around much but will check PM's for a week or so can do pics of covers if needed

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