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Champigny-St-André Cemetery

Discussion in 'Champigny-St-André War Cemetery' started by Jim, Aug 29, 2010.

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    19,809 German graves

    This cemetery was set up during the fighting following the Landings, in the month of August 1944 when Allied Troops advanced towards Paris and the Seine. The American Graves Service buried here in two great squares of graves, their own soldiers as well as German soldiers.

    Behind the entrance building is the commemorative courtyard where large memorial stones have been erected, inscribed with the names of the places from which the victims of war have been transferred. The crosses of the graves are of light conchiferous stone and have names inscribed on both sides with the name, rank, and dates of birth and death of each of those buried on either side. In the 17 squares of unequal size 19,809 German soldiers of the Second World War have been laid to rest. The main alley is paved and leads to the Great Cross of steel, 16 metres high. It can be seen from afar and from all sides of the cemetery, between the squares of graves, near the Ossuary. Here 816 are laid to rest, of which 303 have been identified. The names of those soldiers known are inscribed on stone plaques.


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