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Cintheaux Canadian Cemetery

Discussion in 'Cintheaux Canadian War Cemetery' started by Jim, Aug 21, 2010.

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    In this cemetery are 2,958 graves of which 2,782 are Canadian, 80 British, 4 Australian, one New Zealander and 1 French.


    Not far from Cintheaux, it is in the middle of ploughed fields. As with British cemeteries, only the neo-classical buildings and low walls are visible proclaiming this as a place on the landscape set apart. There are several areas of transition: first, a narrow entrance in limestone gives on to wide lawns bounded at either end by unusual shell-shaped stone shelters. From here, through the colonnade of the entrance building, though still outside the cemetery proper can be seen the main memorials: the Stone of Remembrance and the Cross of Sacrifice and even the tops of the tomb stones. The entrance proper consists of a double colonnade linking two pavilions that open inwards. In these are the register of graves and the visitors' book.


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