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Combat Mission Battle Normandy New Patch 3.12!

Discussion in 'Combat Mission' started by ww24interest, Feb 28, 2016.

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    Jan 1, 2016
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    For those who have 3.11 there is a 3.12 now..

    v3.12 Features:
    * Market Garden module scenario "MG Counterattack at Son" has been updated: the Canal Bridge has been replaced with a bridge that can support more weight for tanks.
    * Market Garden module campaign "The Road to Nijmegen has been updated: Improved Experience level of friendly aircraft throughout the campaign. Concrete bunker changed to wood bunker in Heuman Lock Bridge mission. Reduced morale of German troops in Heuman Lock Bridge mission.
    * Commonwealth module campaign "Kampfgruppe Engel" has been updated: fixed an issue where core tanks would disappear after Mission 1.
    * Commonwealth module campaign "The Scottish Corridor" has been updated: Replaced three tanks missing from player force in one mission.
    * Some micro terrain, such as rocky ground, now provides more protection from high explosives.
    Bug Fixes
    * Fixed a bug that caused players to swap sides in a 2-player Quick Battle.
    * Fixed some issues with vehicles interacting with bridges.
    * Fixed some issues with AI purchasing logic in Quick Battles.
    * Fixed a problem where units from a module that was not owned by the player could be added to a scenario after a 2-player Quick Battle, resulting in the scenario being inaccessible to the player later.
    * Fixed a bug where a towed anti-tank gun could disappear or get left behind by the towing vehicle.
    * Fixed a bug where an anti-tank gun could take up to 15 minutes to Pack Up, instead of the time indicated by the UI.
    * M8 and M20 scout car driver and radio operator, when commander is unbuttoned, should no longer be hit by small arms fire that does not first penetrate the vehicle.
    * King Tiger (Henschel turret) mantlet armor protection increased.
    * Fixed a bug that could cause a unit's pause orders to be change to a one-second pause if a waypoint was repositioned.
    * Anti-tank guns now rotate more slowly.
    * The Grille is now available to the Waffen-SS service.
    * Waffen-SS motorized Panzergrenadier formations have more Panzerfausts stored in their Opel Blitz trucks.
    * PSW U304(f) halftracks now carry Panzerfausts like other German halftracks.
    * Bedford QLT TT trucks assigned to Lorried Battalions and carrying infantry platoons are now stocked with extra PIAT ammunition.
    * Fixed an issue where if an entire Panzergrenadier battalion was purchased, sometimes one platoon would be left without available halftrack transport.
    * Adjusted ammunition counts for various artillery units.
    * These vehicles will now properly have a full crew when they are purchased as individual vehicles: Firefly, Stuart III, Stuart V, Stuart VI, and Crusader AA.
    * The imposter "Vickers" team that is actually a 2IC team available for purchase as a Specialist Team has been removed.
    * Commonwealth service QB Infantry branch once again has Observer teams available for purchase as Specialist Teams.
    * Some Kriegsmarine Specialist Team troops were being improperly equipped with the Gewehr 43 rifle. These troops are now equipped with the Kar 98K.
    * Adjustments to ranks of various Kriegsmarine troops.
    * German Heer once again have a Panzer Division Escort Company.
    * SS Panzer Division Escort Company in Quick Battles now has three subordinate ATG squads assigned, instead of three subordinate ATG platoons.
    * Fixed a misaligned passenger in White Scout Car.
    * Fixed an issue with 105mm-armed M4 Sherman turret rotation on slopes.
    * Fixed normal maps on Humber IV and Daimler tires.
    * Adjustments to assignment of uniform textures for Luftwaffe infantry NCOs, Commanders, and Kriegsmarine troops.
    * Replaced missing brittleness indicator dot.
    * Adjustments to King Tiger model and texture (Henschel turret variant).
    * Adjustments to airborne 6 pounder ATG model.
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