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Commanders at Stalingrad

Discussion in 'War on the Eastern Front' started by Spitfire XIV-E, Aug 29, 2007.

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    Field Marshall Freidrich von Paulus. He surrendered to the Russians on 31st January 1943, just 2 days after attaining the rank. Hitler had expected him to commit suicide rather than be captured. In captivity he became an ardent opponent of the Nazi regime. He was finally released in 1953.


    Marshall Giorgi Zhukov. Helped to plan Operation Uranus with Marshall Valisevski. Was promoted to this rank after Stalingrad.


    Marshall Alexander Vasilevski. Involved with planning Operation Uranus with Zhukov. He served as a staff officer at STAVKA.


    General Vasily Chuikov. Commander of 62nd Army that was defending Stalingrad.


    General Konstantin Rokossovsky. Commander of the Stalingrad Front.


    General Andrei Yeremenko. Commander of the Southwestern Front.


    General Pavel Batov. Commander of the 65th Army.

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