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D-Day 2006

Discussion in 'WWII Forums News' started by Otto, Jun 4, 2006.

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    This year to commemorate the annivarsary of the Allied invasion of German occupied France, we are updating the Forums and making a huge announcement. The commemoration will last the full week of D-day, from Sunday, June 4th, through Saturday, June 10th.

    First off all there is a nice new WWII Network Wallpaper available for download. Go take a look at it in the Wallpaper thread. Feel free to download any you like.

    Second, on the annivarsay of D-day itself, June 6th, the Avatar Depot will be completely revamped with over 500 new Avatars, in the new larger size. You can read more about this in the Avatar thread I started earlier.

    Third, the WWII Forums layout has been slightly altered to accomodate a new feedback Forum and a new category was added to organize things a little better.

    The big news is that the WWII Network, (ww2n.com), will be relaunched on January 1st, 2007. This will be a daily news site with information on upcoming films, new books, current events, and more, all WWII related of course. More details on the new website will be released as we approach the new year, I don't want to give too much away too soon!

    Here are some relevant D-Day links of interest:
    The National D-Day Memorial Foundation (USA)
    The D-Day Museum (USA)
    Wikipedia article on D-Day

    [​IMG] lest we forget [​IMG]

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