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Dash for Dunkirk

Discussion in 'Book Reviews' started by ColHessler, Jul 20, 2017.

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    Dec 5, 2010
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    Author: Denis Caron

    Length: 197 pages
    Format: E-book

    Mr. Caron has done a terrific piece of work in this WWII tale. Flying Officer Harry Fitzpatrick, of Belfast, and two of his squadron mates, are given a mission that should lead them home. But they each get hit and have to bail out. Harry's harrowing escape through German-held northern France leads him to a chateau, where he finds his mates, and other wounded Brits, under the care of a British doctor, and the daughter of the chateau owner, Solange. With her father's car, and horse trailer, they set out for Dunkirk and hope for rescue.
    I enjoyed the stream of consciousness telling of this tale from Harry's point of view, and the detail Mr. Caron put into things. One nitpick I have, though, is that he has the Waffen-SS men dressed in black. By 1940, the Waffen-SS had changed over to field gray like their Wehrmacht counterparts. Also, there's a scene where Harry, Solange and her father are having lunch, and they were a bit talky for me. But that's my problem. When I write I try not to have people talk so much, but that's me.
    At any rate, I give this story two thumbs up, and I think you'll get your action fix very well.:s!:
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  2. Denis Caron

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    May 24, 2017
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    Thanks again Tony for your honest review! I really appreciate it!
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