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Down the slippery slope we slide.

Discussion in 'Military Vehicle Restoration' started by Up From Marseille, Mar 5, 2011.

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    Jan 7, 2012
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    Great Jeep project,

    Reminds me of Traveler (my jeep), and boy did it take some time to get it done as I see yours is taking you. It will empty the wallet, but just think what you will have when your done. I also have a matching 1944 GPW, mine is a 2/1/44 what is yours? Traveler took me about two and half years to get it where it is now, maybe a small part here or there; however did mine in unheated garage and best time working on it was during the winter when it was about 20 degrees give or take. My body had some spots but did manage to keep it over 75% original and same with other parts added to it. If your not done, it will get done, keep at it and you will persevere. I've adde a picuture of Traveler to keep you going.

    Best Regards

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