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Enemy Casualties at Ophuesden

Discussion in 'Western Europe' started by Ilhawk, Feb 23, 2016.

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    Jul 28, 2015
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    I've been amazed at the wealth of info here.

    I'm curious about German casualties on the west perimeter of Opheusden. The 327 guys say they began to feel bad for the enemy during this time as in their minds the Germans smashed 3 or 4 companies by trying to push them out. They discussed piles of dead enemy soldiers.

    To set the stage, the 327 3 BN relieved the 506 at Ophuesden. The 3 BN was actually the 1st BN of the 401 and hadn't yet been formally added to the 327. Was only attached at that point. Anyway, Col Allen of the 3 BN refused to move up to 506 lines in the dark, anticipating a German attack and confusion. He formed a line east. I'm sorry I can't get the pics to upload so I use FB. Here is the scenario.


    The Germans did attack a bit later and ran a few tanks and a company through 3 BN gaps only to get surrounded and pummeled. A surgeon actually walked into the German circle and convinced them to surrender after taking a lot of casualties.


    The yellow line south was G Co route to the fight.

    E Co fight Oct 9

    G Co fight Oct 10

    G Co fight Oct 13 after relief of 401 as 3 BN
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