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Facinating story of restoring US M18 Hellcat Tank..

Discussion in 'Military Vehicle Restoration' started by WW2History, Oct 4, 2021.

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    May 23, 2021
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    Group of tank enthusiasts took the mission to restore the M18 Hellcat Tank to be presented it in VE-DAY celebrations specially to surprise a WW II tank commander who fought from Normandy landing to Germany and in between the Battle of the Bulge in the same tank and liberated Buchenwald concentration camp he also received Bronze and Silver Star, and a Purple Heart

    Mr Don Verle Breinholt.He left us by leaving fond memories behind.what a cool humble guy. THIS IS TO HONOR HIM

    Here is a Quora article about WWII TANKS --> https://worldwarii.quora.com/Tanks-Of-World-War-II-This-is-pz-kpfw-iii-ausf-d-The-Panzer-III-Ausf-D-was-the-last-form-of-the-trial-series-created
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