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Flat Trajectory Fire and Medium Tanks: Comment by Asst. Div. Commander, 4th Armored Division

Discussion in 'Armor and Armored Fighting Vehicles' started by WILD DUKW, Jan 22, 2019.


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    Dec 6, 2018
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    This is a very interesting, if somewhat fatalistic, assessment of the Sherman and the reason for using light tanks and tank destroyers for"almost any type of mission."

    "Comments of Col W. L. Roberts, Asst Div Comdr, 4th Armd Divi
    Missions for light tanks and tank destroyers. "As German antitank guns generally can knock out any of our vehicles regardless of the thickness of their armor, we give light tanks and tank destroyers almost any type of mission. Even medium tanks shed flat trajectory fire only occasionally." (Immediate Report No. 119, Combat Operations, ETOUSA 27 April 1945)

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