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Forums Restructuring & Code of Conduct

Discussion in 'WWII Forums News' started by Otto, Jun 18, 2007.

  1. Otto

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    Jan 1, 2000
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    This is to inform all you Rogues that the OKF will be restructuring the WWII Forums into better, more well rounded set of topics. We currently have just over 20 Forums, and this number might well jump to 40 when we are done. The discussion board will be expanded to include other areas of military history, more activities and research projects.

    As well, we will be publishing a clear, consise set of rules and guidlines in an Official WWII Forums Code of Conduct. The code of conduct will be a very specific set of guidelines for all Rogues, and should make it easier for members to follow than the 10 pinned threads that members have to navigate through in both the Counter-Battery Fire and WWII Forums News areas. This will include posting rules, a privacy guidelines, No new or drastic rules will be added, and nothing in particular is going to change around here, but I think a clear set a specific guidelines is long overdue.

    The Restructuring and Code of Conduct will both be complete for July 31st, 2007. I will post updates in this thread whenever progress is made. As always, feedback and suggestions are encouraged.

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