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Fred Milward Legion d'Honneur

Discussion in 'WWII Obituaries' started by The_Historian, Aug 6, 2017.

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    "A war veteran who was the last survivor of one of the deadliest raids of D-Day has died aged 93.
    Sergeant Fred Milward was part of The 9th Parachute Battalion, attached to the 6th Airborne Division, tasked with neutralising the gun battery at Merville before it could decimate the British troops landing on Sword Beach in Normandy.
    Some flew in gliders which never made it. Nearly 200 were dropped on to flooded marshland and drowned.
    This meant instead of over 600 men, just 150 men with no heavy weapons or equipment actually reached the battery and half were killed or captured in the attack on the huge concrete bunkers.
    Despite that they still managed to spike the guns during the attack on on June, 6, 1944.
    A few weeks later Sergeant Milward was seriously wounded by a shell and never saw frontline action again in the war.
    Owing to the horrors he witnessed in the Battle of Normandy it took him 40 years to speak about the war.
    However he later named his house 'Merville' in tribute to the comrades lost in the heroic action.
    Two years ago Sgt Milward received the Legion d'Honneur, France's highest honour for gallantry, for his part in liberating the country from the Nazis.
    He died from bowel cancer at his home in the village of Westfield, East Sussex, and the current mayor of Merville will attend his funeral as a mark of respect."
    Last war veteran of deadly D-Day raid has died | Daily Mail Online

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