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French Embassy to Withdraw

Discussion in 'War44 General Forums' started by Jim, Nov 5, 2006.

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    Diplomatic relations with France virtually ceased with the withdrawal of the British ambassador, Sir Ronald Campbell, from Bordeaux, but it was not until July 8 that the Foreign Office was informed by the Marquis de Castellane, French Charge d'Affaires, that he had received instructions from the Petain Government to withdraw the French Embassy staff from London.
    M. Corbin, the Ambassador, had already resigned on June 26, after seven years service; during which he had gained the trust and friendship of the British Government. He left the charge of the Embassy with M. Roger Cambon, till then occupying the post of Counsellor. On July 5, following a formal protest to the Foreign Office against the action of the British Fleet in the Mediterranean, he in turn tendered his resignation to the Petain Government. To the Marquis de Castellane thus fell the melancholy duty of putting up the shutters of the house in Albert Gate, once the brilliant centre and haunt of diplomacy, culture, wit and beauty.

    July 1940

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