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Game 1 - North Africa, Summer 1941 - Situation

Discussion in 'War Game - Allied Team' started by Christian Ankerstjerne, Oct 22, 2007.

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    After a heavy engagement at Gazala, The Eighth Army is falling back towards El Alamein, there a defensive line is under preperations. The Axis forces are advancing quickly, and if they are able to break through this line, there will be little to stop their advance before Cairo. It is therefore of the utmost importance, that the Axis forces are not allowed to get past these defences.

    Intelligence suggests heavy presence of armour and motorised infantry, so it is advised to establish heavy anti-tank defences. Allied reinforcements are sparse, but supplies are reasonable, currently allowing for a reasonably protracted campaign. The RAF continues to have air superiority, but some Luftwaffe presence is expected. Axis supplies and reinforcements are hindered by the RAF and Royal Navy.

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