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German and British Naval binoculars.

Discussion in 'Uniforms, Personal Gear (Kit) and Accessories' started by James Stewart, Mar 15, 2020.

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    Jan 21, 2020
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    The two opposite numbers, the Kriegsmarine and the Royal Navy - Zeiss 7x50 and Barr and Stroud CF41 ,7x50.
    The navy had a set of binoculars from the captured U-570 examined against a set of CF41's and found the German set was superior, this annoyed the B&S company which had not been asked to provide a new set to use in this testing.
    The German prism glass was superior, to be honest, but this does imply the Britsh set is inferior nor that the German set provided a significant advantage to the user.
    The German set is a little lighter at 2.5 lb, the British set is in at 3.3 lb owing mostly to the internal filter system and longer body.
    Details of both sets are provided via Dr. Stephen Rohan's book on handheld military binoculars of GB, Germany Japan and USA.
    The blc ( Zeiss) set is early 1942 , the Cf41 9Barr and Stroud) is 1945.
    Both sets are comfortable to use and the images returned are very similar, slightly larger magnification with the Zeiss set but only by a small percentage, weight-wise the British is heavier but this has to be considered against a very efficient and useful et of internal filters which is much better than the press on filters the German sets used.
    Both balance well on the fingertips and are easy to adjust.
    The German set has drying cells located into the front prism plates, the British sets can be purged with nitrogen.
    To me very much a 50/50 call. IMG_0661.JPG IMG_0745.JPG IMG_8904.JPG IMG_8906.JPG IMG_8909.JPG IMG_8907.JPG IMG_8910.JPG large_0000005.jpg IMG_1528.JPG

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