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German cemetery Mont d’Huisnes

Discussion in 'Mont d’Huisnes War Cemetery' started by Jim, Aug 29, 2010.

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    11,956 German soldiers ​

    Mont-d'Huisnes is the only German Mausoleum in France. It is laid-out on a hill, thirty metres high; 11,956 German War-dead are buried there. They were transferred there in 1961 by the Volksbund Service that exhumed them.

    This is quite a different necropolis, from which, are wide views of Mont-Saint-Michel and the reclaimed land. The desire to keep the rural quality of the site has rendered it almost invisible. Mont-d'Huisnes has been kept as a natural hillock into which the necropolis has been hidden. Stone steps lead to the visitors' hall that opens on to a large plan with pins showing the Departments from which the Dead have been transferred. The Ossuary is built in the form of a cylinder on two levels around a courtyard laid to lawn and open to the sky. A great cross stands in the centre. On the outside a covered gallery has been built: at each level sixty-eight vaults in each of which repose a hundred and eighty bodies. At the opposite end to the entrance steps lead down to a landscaped terrace where, or from a belvedere one can look out on the bay.


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