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German Death card of 2 Brothers who were both killed in action during WW2.

Discussion in 'Death Cards' started by Heartfeltzero, Jan 17, 2022.

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    Heinrich Gegenfurtner from Arzting worked the land and was a railway helper as a civilian. While in the military his rank was Obergrenadier. He was awarded the wound badge throughout his time in the military. Heinrich participated in Operation Overlord and took part in defending occupied France from the Allies who landed on the beaches in Normandy. He was killed during phase 2 of Operation Overlord on August 7th 1944 while defending the town of Le Mans. He was 32. He is buried at the cemetery in Mont de Huisnes, France.

    Max Gegenfurtner from Wühn served with 1 Company Grenadier Regiment Gruppe 330. His rank was Stabsgefreiter. He was awarded the infantry assault badge, War service cross 2nd class with swords, Russian front medal and participated in the march into Austria(Anschluss). He was also a fighter on all fronts. After 7 years of service, he was killed in combat by bullet to the head on January 31st 1944 in Serhejowka, Russia. He was 29.

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