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Getting started in world war two reenacting

Discussion in 'World War 2 Hobbies' started by aquist, Jun 30, 2004.

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    cost of ww2 reenacting

    I disagree, CW is way more expensive. the musket alone is about 500 dollars, all the uniforms and accoutrements are way more expensive as for comparisons it depends on what Nationality in ww2 you intend to pursue, You can be a red Army man from head to toe for around 300 USD Including the Rifle!!! Or lets say you intend to be a war correspondant. you can be a photog with just a good Camera which you might already own and a patch. Granted to be a really authentic looking German soldier, you will have to spend over two grand $2.000, but you can be a Volkssturm with a 20 dollar armband a period suit from the goodwill store and any kind of European military rifle ie. a Carcano, a M95 Manlicher Austrian, a K98 mauser etc. etc. the expense is worth it in any case. and bsides we ww2 reenactors have better flashlights!!! :lol: :D :p :smok:

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