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Help needed with Soviet Army/NKVD Ranks

Discussion in 'Eastern Europe' started by TIRDAD, May 20, 2017.


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    Mar 13, 2016
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    hi every one...

    i am translating Biographies of Soviet Army Generals of ww2 Era to Farsi.

    my main Source is Generals.dk

    and i have some questions about some ranks ...

    i want to know equivalent of these ranks in Soviet Regular Army Ranking System.

    i want to explain that this rank in NKVD is equalled to Brigadier General in Red Army.

    here are some of them:

    1- Colonel-General ABAKUMOV, Victor Semenovich (1908-1954)

    Generals of World War II

    what are Promotions ???

    is Colonel-General equivallent to Lt.Gen. ??? or higher ???

    2- Kombrig ABRAMOVICH, Sergei Ivanovich (1893-1938 )

    Generals of World War II

    what rank is this ??? a Political rank/Position ???

    what a diffrence between this and "Brigade-Commissar ???

    3- Brigade-Intendant ABRAMSON, Lev Markovich (1896-1945)

    Generals of World War II

    what is his rank ???

    4- Senior Major of State Security ABUGOV, Osher Osipovich (1899-1938 )

    Generals of World War II

    what is his rank ???

    5- Komandarm 2nd Rank AMELIN, Mikhail Petrovich ( - )

    Generals of World War II

    what is his rank ???

    6- Komkor ALAFUSO, Mikhail Ivanovich (1891-1937)

    Generals of World War II

    what is his rank ???

    7- any site/Forum in Russia covers this suject ??? (biografhies of ww2 Generals)

    8- any site/forum covers medal resepients ?

    9- where can i find more detailed info like place of birth, religioun or when they entered Army ???

    10- what difrence between Guard Branch Divisions and Regular Branch Divisions ??? are they like Waffen-SS/SS divisions and Heer divisins ???

    thanks in advance.
  2. Sloniksp

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    Aug 23, 2006
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    I will do all that I can friend.

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