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HM Submarine Seal

Discussion in 'British Submarines' started by Jim, Jan 28, 2010.

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    British Submarine in German Navy

    According to the German's in April 1940 the submarine "HM Submarine Seal" reported by the British Admiralty on May 12, 1940, to be overdue and considered lost, was now being used under the German flag and in the service of their Government. Foreign reports at the time of her disappearance suggested that some of the crew might be prisoners of war, but the Germans stated that the entire crew were made prisoner when the submarine was taken in tow after being mined off the Swedish coast. The "Seal" was the last of the six mine-laying submarines of the Porpoise class and was completed at Chatham in 1938. Her commander, Lieut Commander R. P. Lonsdale, was mentioned in despatches in May for "daring endurance and resource in the conduct of hazardous and successful operations."

    HM Submarine Seal​


    HM Submarine Seal Crewmen​


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