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Horses German losses

Discussion in 'WWII General' started by Prospero Quevedo, Sep 25, 2021.

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    Mar 26, 2021
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    Found a site that had a record of German losses per month for each year of the war. Men killed or wounded, number and types of vehicles, guns etc. The thing that got me was the colume horses. They would lose like several hundred every month there was some I believe it said two thousand. I couldn't help but wonder as the war wore on and troops were having a hard time getting rations like how many horses ended up as a roast. Like the Indians survived by eating their horses when things got desperate. I'm sure troops found themselves in such when allied planes were cutting off supply trains and convoys. I read all German soldiers were issued two of a special type of ration that they were told to use as a last resort. The ration had two days worth of meals and a type of emergency survival biscuits three of five per ration that they were to eat one a day. As German troops were getting surrounded and rounded up it said many soldiers ate their rations as they were afraid when captured they would take the rations from them. I'm sure our guys did the same if things looked bleak ate there rations because they knew anything of value the Germans would confiscate it. Like didn't the Red Cross ship bunches of care packages to US prisoners and the Germans were keeping most of it. Anyway I'm just saying under starving conditions I wouldn't be surprised if a bunch of horses ended up as horse stew as horse meat I'm told is rather tough and stringy, I wouldn't know never having any, but I remember when I was in high school there was a big boycott against Burger King for supposedly having horse meat mixed into their burger patties. It said that there was actually nothing wrong with horse meat, the big stink was they were rounding up wild mustang herds and animal rights groups and preservation groups had a field day with it, lol, I can remember a bunch of us from my high school stopped going to burger kind in protest. Wonder if that was when they really started pushing the adopt a mustang program, that was in the 70s. Had a friend that wanted to adopt, but found out you have to be able to go to I think it was Arizona and pick up your horse and trailer it back. Plus you can never sell the horse I think you could transfer the adoption but it was a huge process, also you could not use it commercially like use it in a riding stable business. However if you bred it like a mare the foal was 100 percent yours to do whatever you wanted. Train for riding to use commercially or sell. Anyway my friend never ended up doing it because couldn't get the use of a horse trailer and truck to haul it. Hmmm, anyone ever had a horse steak and what's it like. I think one of my nephews said he had it and said it was rather chewy and a bit bland.

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