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Ideas for paint booth

Discussion in 'Modelling' started by Prospero Quevedo, Jul 7, 2021.

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    Mar 26, 2021
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    i help my friend build his paint booth we built a small eauiptment box outside th garage I ran a plug in and drilled a hole for a hose, piping would have been better but my friend wanted to keep it simple and cheap, air hoses are inexpensive vs pipe at harbor freight. We put foam padding on the walls and doors to help muffle the sound of the compressor a friend of his had a big compressor that he didn't do anything so muffle the sound must have been really loud the neighbors called the city and complained and they gave him a citation. We ran the hose to a rigid pipe with pressure valve guage and water trap again all parts the pressure valve guage and trap all inexpensive at harbor freight. He built a paint booth out of 1/4 ply we put a fan and cut a vent on the wall to vent outside. Now a booth takes up space on the work table using thin plywood or thick plastic and using piano and butt hinges you can build a folding booth that you can fold away when your not ready to paint and have more work space I wired a switched receptacle for the fan. But I think using a small fart fan would be good can mount in ceiling or wall and vent out use snap connects for vent duct so you can connect and disconnect. Or the cheap heavy corrugated card board box fold out paint booth fold down for storage. Anyway just a thought as space is usually a problem. My buddy works in 72 scale and models ready for paint he would put in one of those plastic shoes boxes you get for a buck and stack on top of his work cabinets had a bunch stacked ready for paint. Oh when we ran the hose across the garage I used pipe hangers to mount the hose across the ceiling and down the wall. Well hope that helps
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