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In the straits of Denmark

Discussion in 'Atlantic Naval Conflict' started by DarkEdge, Dec 1, 2020.

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    Mar 2, 2020
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    For Martin whose private box is full :D and any other RAF researchers who have info on the mining ops in the area of Denmark during 1945.

    Gentlemen anyone have a good reference(s) covering these missions ? ordnance carried, type of a/c flown, squadrons/groups that took part ?
    https://snaptube.cam/ 9apps
    there be a book coming out in the future on these but until then would like a little info for the data files if possible.

    Luftwaffe Nachtjagd resistance was primarily from I./NJG 3 flying the Ju 88G-6 under Major Werner Husemann [​IMG] winner

    thank you.
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