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Japan as a victim.

Discussion in 'Post War 1945-1955' started by lwd, Apr 20, 2017.

  1. lwd

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    While most of the following article is about more current events:
    Intelligence: Hidden Surprises In Syria
    It contained the following: "....The most famous example of catching up with deciphering data backlogs occurred after World War II when American code breakers decided to decrypt messages sent by the Japanese government between the time Japan surrendered and the U.S. occupation forces arrived and took control of all government offices. Some of these decrypted messages were shocking. That was because Japan had secretly decided, according to the decrypted diplomatic messages, to play the victim. This was a long-term plan and the Japanese government had come up with it even before their surrender in 1945. In part this was to create some kind of defense for war crimes prosecutions that were already underway against German officials when Japan surrendered. Thus Japan sought to play the victim when it came to their responsibility for horrific wartime actions. The secret messages to Japanese embassies after the surrender contained details on how to spin the fact that Japan, rather than invincible as it had long claimed, was now defeated because it tried to keep the evil West out of Asia. Japanese diplomats were ordered to play up the “Japan is a victim” angle. While this played well in Japan, it annoyed and disturbed the neighbors. Some Japanese understand what is going on here, but because the Japanese educational system is based on this 1945 decision (which played down Japanese atrocities in Japanese textbooks and media in general) most Japanese cannot understand the reaction of foreigners when it comes to Japan and World War II....."

    I hadn't realized that it was as "official" or as planned as that.
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    That was nothing new - the "it tried to keep the evil West out of Asia". They claimed it even before the war, it was called The Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere. The original concepts was to free Asia from European colonial powers, and that Japan and Asia were victims of the evil West:

    Konoe planned the Sphere in 1940 in an attempt to create a Great East Asia, comprising Japan, Manchukuo, China, and parts of Southeast Asia, that would, according to imperial propaganda, establish a new international order seeking "co prosperity" for Asian countries which would share prosperity and peace, free from Western colonialism and domination.
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    It wasn't, insofar as I'm aware.

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