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Japanese Parachutes & Cargo Containers of WWII

Discussion in 'Japanese WWII Uniforms and Equipment' started by Jim, Oct 20, 2007.

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    Most parachutes were produced by Fujikura Aircraft Industry Co Ltd. While wartime shortage forced Western nations to Chi Model 95 Mk 4 ground-to-air radio as used by IJA paratroopers - transmitter unit on left, receiver on right. The inner surfaces are bright metal, the outer painted brownish olive drab; dial rims, knobs, switches and turrets are black; the four arch-shaped labels on the transmitter are black, red, green and red, from left to right. Accessories include a wire antenna on a spool, Morse code key, and earphone set. This equipment, with a range of around 60 miles, was not available for the Palembang operation In February 1942; on that occasion the Tobi Mk 1 radio as used in scout planes was modified for ground use. (Yokohama WWII Japanese Military Radio Museum) change from silk canopies to rayon or nylon, Japan continued to use white silk, and did not adopt subdued colours. The cotton canvas packs were required to be repacked monthly even if not used. Materials and workmanship remained of high standard; harness webbing was of a 3,000lb-test silk/cotton blend, and fittings were of chromium-plated steel.


    #1: IJA Type 1 (1941) main parachute
    Army packs were orange with dark green tape trim and reinforcement, orange bungees, and yellow static line.

    #2: IJA Type 1 reserve pack
    The chest pack was in the same colours, with a red ripcord.

    #3: IJN Type 1 reserve pack
    Navy parachute packs were in reversed colours from IJA rigs, and were stamped with a black anchor.

    #4: IJN Type 1 Special main parachute
    This differed in having a single suspension point centrally behind the shoulders.

    #5: IJA Type 4 (1944) main parachute

    #6: IJA Type 4 main parachute harness some late war IJA packs was also seen in dark tan or olive drab.

    #7: IJA 50kg (1101b) cargo container
    About 42in long, this aluminium case was of rectangular section with rounded corners, painted light olive drab with steel gray fittings and brown leather securing straps. The bottom end was fitted with a canvas-covered cushion; the parachute pack attached at the top with rope loops and toggles. The load - in this case, entrenching spades - was protected by white cushion bags.

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