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"Leaves from a Survivor's Diary" By: H.K. Herglotz

Discussion in 'Biographies and Everything Else' started by Packard Merlin, Dec 23, 2010.

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    Jan 10, 2009
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    Just finished this autobiography written by the father of a family friend, and was greatly blessed by it. As a young college student interested in the events of history that shaped our present world, I really appreciated the testimony of a man I felt I knew, who strove to convey a message of endurance, love, and survival to my generation. Herglotz served in the German Army during WWII, himself from annexed Czechoslovakia. He fought along the western front where he was both wounded and captured by the French forces. He exprerienced the agony of separation from wife and children and was nearly consumed by the ethnic "cleansing" of his homeland following the fall of the German war machine, but overcame the barriers of becoming a free man and an American. His story testifies the endurance of an experience few were able to survive and of a hatred even fewer were able to supress.

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