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Light Tankette - CV 33

Discussion in 'Italian Motorised Weapons' started by Jim, Jan 25, 2008.

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    A small ammunition trailer is hitched to this CV 33. The trailer hauled additional ammunition for this vehicle’s machine guns; however, the tankette’s crew had to evacuate to a safe area in order to unload ammunition from this trailer. Units equipped with both CV 33s and later CV 35s (L 3-35s) were issued with these trailers. [​IMG]


    The CV 33 Carro Radio (Radio Tank) for battalion and company commanders was equipped with the Marelli RF 3 CV radio set. A large loop-type antenna extended from the superstructure roof to the engine deck.
    Panniers for the radio batteries were located along the engine compartment sides. The CV 33 Carro Radio retained the two 8MM machine guns of standard, non-radio equipped CV 33s. [​IMG]


    This early CV 33 was used to test the CV 33 Lf (Lanciafiamme; Flame-Thrower) vehicle. A long-barrelled flame-thrower replaced the hull-mounted machine guns. The two-wheeled trailer held 500 L (132 gallons) of flame-thrower fuel, which was fed through a hose to the CV 33. [​IMG]


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