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Living WW2 Medal of Honor Recipients...

Discussion in 'Information Requests' started by C.Evans, May 22, 2003.

  1. C.Evans

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    Nov 28, 2000
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    This is a list of 52 WW2 living MoH Vets. As of April 13, 2003. In total there are 137 MoH vets living. [​IMG]

    WW2 MoH Living 52.

    Korean War MoH Living 20.

    Vietnam Way MoH Living 65.


    WW2 Medal of Honor Recipients still living are:

    Name. Place. His Unit.

    Vernon J. Baker. Italy 92nd I.D.

    Van T. Barfoot. Italy. 54th I.D.

    Melvin E. Biddle. Belgium. 517th P.I.R. (Parachute Inf Rgmt.)

    James M. Burt. Germany. 2nd Armored Div.

    Richard Earl Bush. Okinawa 6th Marine I.D.

    Robert Eugene Bush. Okinawa. 1st Marine I.D.

    Ernest Childers. Italy. 45th I.D.

    Mike Colalillo. Germany. 100th I.D.

    Charles H. Coolidge. France. 36th I.D. T-Patchers. :D

    Francis S. Currey Belgium. 30th I.D.

    Edward C. Dahlgren. France. 36th I.D. :D

    Michael J. Daly. Germany. 3rd I.D.

    Jefferson Joseph DeBlanc. USMCR Fighter Sq 12. Kolombangara Island.

    Desmond T. Doss. Okinawa. 77th I.D.

    Russell E. Dunham. France. 3rd I.D.

    Walter D. Ehlers. France. 1st I.D. Big Red One.

    John William Finn. US Navy-Hawaii. Nas Kaneohe Bay.

    Eugene Bennett Fluckey. CO USS Barb. Near the coast of China.

    Robert Edward Galer. USMC Fighter SQ 244. Solomon Islands.

    Nathan Green Gordon. US Navy Bismarck Sea.

    Stephan R. Gregg. France. 36th I.D. :D

    Barney J. Hajino. E/France. 442nd RCT.

    John D. Hawk. France. 90th I.D.

    Shizuya Hayashi. Italy. 100th Inf Btn.

    Silvestre S. Herrera. France. 36th I.D. :D

    Freeman V. Horner. France. 30th I.D.

    Daniel K. Inouye. Italy. 442nd RCT.

    Arthur J. Jackson. Pelelieu Island. 1st Marine I.D.

    Alton W. Knappenberger. Italy. 3rd I.D.

    Yeiki Kobashigawa. Italy. 442nd RCT.

    Jose M. Lopez. Belgium. 2nd I.D. Indianhead Division.

    Jacklyn Harold Lucas. USMCR Iwo Jima. 5th Marine I.D.

    Robert D. Maxwell. France. 3rd I.D. Blue and White Devils.

    Richard Miles McCool US Navy off Okinawa.

    Vernon McGarity. Belgium. 99th I.D.

    Charles P. Murray Jr. France. 3rd I.D.

    Robert B. Nett. Leyte. 77th I.D.

    Yukio Okutsu. Italy. 442nd RCT.

    Nicholas Oresco. Germany. 94th I.D.

    Mitchell Paige. USMC Solomon Islands.

    Everett Parker Pope. Pelelieu island. 1st Marine I.D.

    Wilburn K. Ross. France. 3rd I.D.

    Donald S. Rudolph. Luzon. 6th I.D.

    Alejandro R. Renteria Ruia. Okinawa. 27th I.D.

    George T. Sakato. France. 442nd RCT.

    Richard Keith Sorenson. USMCR Kawajalein Atoll 4th Marine I.D.

    James Elms Swett. USMCR Solomon Islands. F.S. 221.

    George Edward Wahlen. Iwo Jima. US Navy attached to the 5th Marine I.D.

    Paul J. Wiedorfer. Belgium. 80th I.D.

    Hershel Woodrow Williams. USMCR Iwo Jima. 3rd Marine I.D.

    Louis Hugh Wilson Jr. Guam. 3rd Marine I.D.

    Jay Zeamer Jr. Solomon Islands. Army Air Corps.


    If you want to write to these men--send an email to: medal@awod.com

    I plan on it.
  2. Phil

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    Nov 1, 2002
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    Hey Carl,

    I've sent you an email :D

  3. Phil

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    Nov 1, 2002
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    opps I double clicked :rolleyes:

    [ 29. May 2003, 09:39 AM: Message edited by: Phil ]
  4. C.Evans

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    Nov 28, 2000
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    Hi Phil--no problem--I got you PM and I will be sending you a few addreses first thing tomorrow.

    Also, let me know about Korean and Nam war MoH's if interested. :D
  5. sniper1946

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    Jun 11, 2009
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    Desmond Doss...Concientious Objecter MOH....Hero's All..


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