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Luftwaffe Mess-Kit Knife: What Maker Mark, and Approximate Value?

Discussion in 'Uniforms, Personal Gear (Kit) and Accessories' started by wlwhittier, Jun 14, 2019.

  1. wlwhittier

    wlwhittier New Member

    Jun 14, 2019
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    Hi...This was a Junk-Store find many years ago.

    I know about the Fl.U.V; the year is a no-brainer...but what was GAG?

    Then, does it have any value? I'm a newbie; can I offer it for sale here?

    All comments & suggestions will be much appreciated.

    fullsizeoutput_578e.jpeg fullsizeoutput_578d.jpeg fullsizeoutput_578c.jpeg fullsizeoutput_578b.jpeg Thanks! Warren

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