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Major-General Richard Heidrich

Discussion in 'The War In Italy' started by Jim, Aug 26, 2010.

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    The stubborn and blunt mannered Major-General Richard Heidrich was a hero even before his most famous battle at Cassino. Born in 1896, he served in the small German interwar army after World War I. By 1936 he had become a leading figure in the development of the Third Reich's parachute arm. After serving in Russia he was promoted from Colonel to Major-General and given command of the 1st Parachute Division in Italy in 1943. With even more medals for his epic defence of Cassino and promoted to Lieutenant-General, he served on the Italian front for the remainder of the war. Richard Heidrich died in December 1947 at the age of 51, completely worn down by six years of almost continual fighting.

    Major-General Richard Heidrich, the 'defender of Cassino', decides on his next move.


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