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Marc Rainaud Silver Star at Operation Dragoon

Discussion in 'North Africa and the Mediterranean' started by Skipper, Nov 5, 2012.

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    I would like to pay a modest tribute to a great man. He is called Marc Rainaud and was a local F.F.I leader near Saint Tropez. He attacked the German Garisson with his and captured it despite a shot in the neck . His attack allowed the U.S. 3rd Infantry to capture this area almost without firing a single shot. He was awarded the Silver Star by Patch for his galant attitude

    First to the Rhine: The 6th Army Group in World War II - Harry Yeide, Mark Stout - Google Livres


    Rainaud congratulated by Paratrooper Winfred D. Eason on August 18th 1944. Note his bandage on his neck . (Nara)
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