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Milk Run

Discussion in 'WWII Books & Publications' started by dhsetzer, May 3, 2020.

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    “Milk Run” by Helmut Müller

    This fictional work is based upon a true incident. A ship of the 57th Bomb Wing during WW2 making a routine hop across the island of Corsica from Ajaccio to Ghisonaccia at night in poor weather failed to clear a high mountain top and crashed, killing all on board.

    One of those on board was a Red Cross war correspondent, Carolyn Chapin.

    In this fictional work the author imagines the last days of her life. It has a somewhat sentimental atmosphere wherein the author captures the spirit of wartime through the thoughts and actions of the unfortunate war correspondent and the soldiers, Red Cross women, and Corsican people she meets.

    The book includes evocative descriptions of the exotic and beautiful landscapes of Corsica.

    It is very well written, and as we follow Carolyn through her last days, knowing the fate that awaits her, it gives us pause to examine how we live our daily lives. Do we extract all we can from each day granted to us?

    The book is in German, and there is also a short synopsis in English.

    You can find the book online here:
    Milk Run - eBook by Helmut Müller | XinXii - GD Publishing Ltd. & Co. KG

    The English Synopsis is here:


    You can read more about Carolyn Chapin and this tragic event that also cost the lives of four American airmen on Fold3.com here:

    Carolyn Chapin: Person, pictures and information - Fold3.com
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