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My Grandfather's Fellow Servicemen

Discussion in 'What Granddad did in the War' started by jacksgrandd, Dec 4, 2016.

  1. jacksgrandd

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    Sep 18, 2016
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    Pittsburg, KS
    These names were found in my Grandfather's diary. Other than these names there was one entry started 12/24/1945 and finished 12/25/1945.

    "Arrived back in the U.S. at approx. 2pm. Given passes from ship to Seattle at 6pm to 8am on the 25th Dec. 12:01 celebrated xmas by drinking 2qts of milk. Came back to ship at 6am with my pockets full of milk and sandwiches. Went to bed and slept all day xmas. wrote a letter home when I woke up." - Leonard A. Stennett - Oak Grove, LA

    John J. Pimentel - Portsmouth, RI
    Emil L. Knapp - Hartford, CT
    Wayne T. Warner - Eagleville, MO
    Otto Layden - Iron Mountain, MI
    Robert Morris - Pima, AZ
    Douglas Foster - Yancyville, NC
    Ronald Wycoff - Springfield, OR
    Allard Adams - Patrick, NC
    Herschell Rogers - Rector, AR
    Sidney German - Ferguson, NC
    Cecil M. Anderson - West Bay, FL
    Lawrence Taylor - Winchester, IL
    Merrill L. Carpenter - Brooklyn, IA
    Elfie L. Anderson - Duluth, MN
    Andrew Anderson - St. Paul, MN
    Harold Burger - New York, NY
    Ferd Dehart - Tellico, NC
    Goodwin Wellborn - Greensboro, GA
    Lynn Peppers - Bonne Terre, MO
    Joe L. Anderson - Cody, WY
    Walter Schartner - Philadephia, PA
    Homer E. Smith - Benton, AR
    Otis V. Bentley - Ft Worth, TX
    Frank F. Hughes - Cheyenne, WY
    Donald Houdeshell - St Louis, MO
    James A. Haney - Crenshaw, MS
    John L. Vehonsky - Tacoma, WA
    Michael Pezell - Youngstown, OH
    Lester N. Cavanaugh - Pomona, CA
    Melvin Stern - Red Bank, ND
    Marion W. Pardue - Augusta, GA
    Ralphe Hanke - San Pierre, IN
    Max Morrow - Kenton, OH
    Albert Nichols - Pittsford, NY
    Alvin A. Kraus - Portland, OR
    Clyde Singletary - Ciro, GA
    Claude Guzikoiski - Maniste, MI
    Carl A. Olson - Boulder, CO
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    The Land of 10,000 Loons
    If you're interested in making contact with family of the men your grandfather served with, that's a good way to start.
  3. Otto

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    DFW, Texas
    Good thinking jacksgrandd. This post will be here for years (I'll see to that!), so anyone else googling these names if the future should come across this thread. Adding the unit name to the thread title will also help. Post it here and I'll make the proper edits,
  4. Mutley

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    Dec 5, 2014
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    Found a few on Find My Past, Cheers - Maria

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