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My Grandmother in Queen Mary's Army Auxillary Corps

Discussion in 'Women at War' started by Denise War44, Sep 8, 2013.

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    Sep 4, 2013
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    My grandmother, Hilda Mary Macleod nee Duncan joined Queen Mary's Army Auxillary Corp in
    1917. She had to go through quite a process to be accepted, and produce several good character
    references. She was accepted in the post of Clerk and was posted to Rouen. While there she
    met Roydon Willard James Macleod who was a driver in the RASC with Base Motor Transport Depot, Rouen, France.
    They both took leave and married in Battersea, London. Thereafter Roydon went back to Rouen, but Hilda
    had to remain in England due to regulations. Roydon was an entertainer and had a singing, dancing and magic act
    which included sawing Hilda in half. I am not sure if they did this act while in France. Later after demob, Roydon
    had his own transport business.

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