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My Love of Music

Discussion in 'Free Fire Zone' started by Brayden Allen, May 25, 2018.

  1. Brayden Allen

    Brayden Allen Member

    Mar 19, 2017
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    Greenville, South Carolina, USA
    Aside from my filmmaker skills, one thing I love to do is to listen to music. I love many types of music but my favorites include; Christian, Rock, Country and some others. Also, because of my love of movies and film I love to listen to movie soundtracks. And because of my love for history and geography I love to listen to anthems. Anyways, I got the idea to create a music channel where I make videos featuring my favorite music but I can't figure out what style to make my videos in.

    The Name of the channel is Audible Empire, because its about music which is a form of audio.

    Below are a number of videos featuring some music video styles, choose you favorite.

    Channel: DeroVolk

    Channel: NeuesLied

    Channel: TheFlag&AnthemGuy

    Channel: Anthems Therapy

    If you can come up with any other ideas please comment them below.
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  2. JJWilson

    JJWilson Well-Known Member

    Oct 1, 2017
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    Arizona U.S.A
    I like the DeroVolk style best, you mentioned something about Soundtracks, are you talking any movie soundtracks, or military movie soundtracks, I have a solid list of both.
    Non Military:
    Bonanza one of my favorite shows of all time

    The Magnificent 7, arguably the best movie soundtrack of all time in my opinion

    Superman, this is musical gold right here

    Indiana Jones, you can't have a list of great soundtracks without including Indiana Jones, my childhood hero

    Military movies:
    The Longest Day

    The Battle of Britain, one of the best war movie soundtracks of all time, one of my favorite scenes from the movie as well
    Battle of Britain - Heinkel Turkeyshoot
    Battle of Britain, Luftwaffe March, the song is so catchy you almost root for the Germans!
    Luftwaffe March
    633rd squadron
    633 squadron theme
    The Great Escape......how could I not
    The Great Escape theme tune
    A Bridge Too Far
    A Bridge Too Far Theme

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