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NAZI SABOTEURS ON THE BAYOU -- free book giveaway

Discussion in 'WWII Books & Publications' started by steven.burgauer, Nov 22, 2016.

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    Oct 21, 2016
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    [SIZE=medium]Free Book Giveaway[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=medium]I am the author of two popular World War II novels, a memoir entitled The Road to War: Duty & Drill, Courage & Capture, as well as a historical fiction piece entitled Nazi Saboteurs on the Bayou[/SIZE].

    [SIZE=medium]Since I am new to the Forum, I am willing to give away 20 Kindle copies of each book to the first avid Forum readers who ask for them.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=medium]There are however two catches. Catch #1 is that you must give me your email address along with your genuine name. In order for me to send you a Kindle version of this book, I need both those pieces of information to supply to Amazon.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=medium]Catch #2[/SIZE] is that you be willing to actually read the book and post a short (or long) review of it on Amazon, along with a copy of what you post to me personally at the email address I provide when I gift you a copy of the book.

    [SIZE=medium]When you are finished with these books, if you have enjoyed reading them, please recommend either or both to your friends. Here are what a few published reviewers have had to say about The Road to War[/SIZE] and [SIZE=medium]Nazi Saboteurs[/SIZE]. I have attached to this post the complete versions of these great reviews. Thank you for your time. To request a free copy, place FREE COPY in the Subject Line and then email me at: [SIZE=medium]euripedes@hushmail.com[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=medium]Five-plus unequivocal stars to The Road to War. It’s an extraordinary read that everyone should enjoy.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=medium]— October 20, 2016, Publishers Daily Reviews[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=medium]Personal, inspiring & insightful. This book is precious.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=medium]— November 3, 2016, The Book Bag Reviewers (UK)[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=medium]“An intimate and often daunting portrait of one man’s life-changing confrontation with war, The Road to War: Duty & Drill, Courage & Capture[/SIZE][SIZE=medium] is highly recommended.”[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=medium]— November 11, 2016, BookViral Reviews[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=medium]“An engaging, slow-burning wartime thriller with an epic feel and a large cast of characters.”[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=medium] — Nov 8, 2016, “The Book Reviewers,” a division of Full Media Ltd. (UK)[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=medium]“In a war that rips apart entire worlds, who can truly be the winner? Add a dash of romance to the intrigue for a solid World War II thriller that’s intricate, frighteningly realistic, and hard to put down.”[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=medium]— Diane Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review, Dec 2016[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=medium]“A sweeping story of heroism and heartache, bravery and betrayal, set against the backdrop of the cataclysmic events forever remembered as World War Two. Five stars to Steven Burgauer and his tale of historical World War Two fiction. May we never again need to live through such a terrible conflict.”[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=medium]— November 20, 2016, Publishers Daily Reviews[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=medium]“For World War II buffs, those who like historical fiction in general, fans of New Orleans legends and lore, and readers who like espionage yarns spun out with an epic sweep.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=medium]— November 21, 2016, Bookpleasures.com by Dr. Wesley Britton[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=medium]If you are not among the first 40 persons to request free review copies, both books may be purchased online at Amazon in hardcover, paperback, or Kindle edition. More information can be found at my website. Thank you. By the way, if you are in doubt about the legitimacy of this post, it has been cleared with the Forum administrator beforehand.[/SIZE]


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