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NCDU teams

Discussion in 'Omaha Beach' started by NIckB, Jan 13, 2023.

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    Thank you for your reply, Mr. Anderson. You're right, I don't come here very often and I'm not very good at the technology end of things. Give me a book any day, lol... But I do have an update about the LCMs - my first-ever hint. Someone posted a memorial on Fold3: Nicholas Paul Lamia: PERSON, pictures and information - Fold3 - Fold3. This is one of the SETF LCM crewmen. There's a one-page document in that photo gallery discussing the history of the Advanced Amphibious Sub-Base at Teignmouth, England. I looked up DUHA-29 but found nothing yet. Now I think some of the crews came from there but I doubt it was big enough to provide all 36. (I think that accounts for O-1 and O-2 if that meant the east and west halves of the beach. 36 is what the SETF was allotted. ) I also just found the gunfire support flotilla AARs but they don't say who was driving the LCMs, only that it was the worst station-keeping in the history of station-keeping. They towed the 8 support and 3 command boats, whose passengers were all aboard Princess Maud. All but one of them dragged, got fouled, and departed up to an hour late: the command boat for the western half. That fits everything else I've heard about where and when the teams those LCMs ferried arrived.

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